When consumers come to us, they are embarrassed, they feel like they’re the only ones out
there, and, when we get them, wither on the phone or when we sit across at the desk from them, we assure them they are not the only debtors out there, that there’s thousands of people in
their same situation and that we are gonna get them help with the situation that they’re in. Initially when they say, “Well it’s gonna take X
number of dollars to get you out of debt and this length of time,” and for me it was five
years. And I said, “Oh, I’ll — I’ll never be able to come up with that.” But I did… and… it took some budgeting and some changes in my lifestyle but it’s still okay. It’s better than it was. I don’t have
phone calls, I’m never late on a payment. I don’t have people calling me at work, I
don’t have all of those annoying things that really can create even more problems and more
stress. So, it’s definitely less stressful, in terms of that. One of the key points with looking for the debt management program is looking for a non-profit agency versus a profit agency. You’re gonna have a smaller minimal fee, if a fee at all, and you’re gonna have more of a one-on-one relationship and you’re going to know that the monthly
payments that you’re sending in are going towards your creditors and not getting eaten up in fees that the actually agency is charging you.