Hey, it’s Gary Coxe again! I’m here with some
very good friends of mine and we’re gonna talk about what it takes to really succeed
especially when challenging times happen, we all have them. Great friends of mine, this
is John and Martha King. And they own this amazing private jet. They’re husband and pilot
team, if you are in aviation or you think about aviation. There is a good 60 percent
chance that you’re probably gonna invest in some other products that teach you how to
be a better pilot and I have invested in I don’t know how much of your stuff, you guys
are awesome. Thanks for your time John and Martha. Hello everybody, as you can figure
out I’m John King and I’m Martha King. And the thing we have to tell you today is that
we have been broke and we have been not broke. And we like not broke a whole lot better.
So, anyway, the way we got broke is we’re in a business we didn’t enjoy and tried very
hard in a business but didn’t have a passion for it. And we got broke during the OPEC oil
embargo in 1974. Wow! We said that hurt, let’s not do that anymore. And John define broke,
is bankrupt, losing everything you have, winding up getting ready losing your car, getting
a six hundred dollar car, just in order to have something to drive, broke desperately,
completely, absolutely broke. So as John shared we decided did that hurt we didn’t want to
do that anymore. We had not really like that business that we went bankrupt in. So, we
said okay, let’s find something to do for the fun of it and wait around for a serious
business. So, we had been passionate for years about flying. We were already pilots and so
we said, let’s teach flying for a while and just see what happens. Have a good time, enjoy
each other and joy our lifestyle. So, we started doing that and one thing led to another and
these days we’re teaching about half of all the pilots to get a new license rating in
the US. And we’ve met absolutely wonderful people. We’ve had a great time and that new
business that we got in because we just enjoyed the essence of it, the flying of it has helped
giving us this fabulous airplane. Yeah! Actually, the whole idea when we went into this business
was just have a good time until a serious business came along. Well, 38 years later
and a half million students later, we’re still in this business. We’ve decided to give up
our look for a serious business, because the fun business is doing so well by it. “That’s
right.” One of the lessons we got outta this is that we did have a crashing, burning, terrible
failure and one of the ways that you have to go through. One of the thoughts you have
to go through in order to be successful it seems to us is to come to terms with failure.
“I love that!” Because unless you are willing to risk failure and come to terms with that
failure, You’re probably not willing to do the things you need to do to make a success
out of it. And John, when you say come to terms with failure, how would you define that?
Do you mean that emotionally or mentally? Well, what does it come to terms a failure
mean? Well, the thing that I think we learned out over this failure is wasted unless you
accept blame for it. In other words, unless you say, “We made mistakes. We are the ones
that failed. We cause the failure. Unless you accept responsibility for the failure
you’ve wasted that failure. So, what we learned out of it is in our behavior cause the failure.
Our eagerness to get ahead and not do the basics in order to get high, cause the failure.
And so, if we had not come to terms and accepted responsibility for our failure, we would not
have had the success afterwards. Awesome! But to address what you asked also a little
further is it’s coming to terms emotionally and developing the willingness to take a risk
that can make you very, very successful as it has in this case or that could make you
fail, even be bankrupt as we were in our previous business and emotionally, if you’re really
gonna have great success. You’ve got to be willing to take that emotional risk that you
could fail and you could end up bankrupt but that’s a temporary thing and you can pick
yourself up and you can end up doing really well like we did. Now, that’s awesome! Guys,
thank you so much for your time. I’m gonna see you guys off. We’re actually in Orlando,
Florida and they’re heading back on the California. Till then. Thanks again. Here they go.
Smelling that jet fuel baby. Gary Coxe