Hello, I’m Colin and here are today’s headlines
live from London with Pinksixty News. Tamil Nadu in India has created a new pension
for destitute transgenders. Trans people aged over 40 who are unable to
support themselves can claim 1000 rupees a month. A study of British gay people has shown worrying
substance abuse levels. 35% reported taking a drug other than alcohol
in the past month, 7 times higher than the national average. The Malaysian opposition minister has accused
the country’s biggest newspaper of bias. He says the shareholders are mostly members
of the ruling party, and are behind accusations of his support for gay rights. An Australian report on HIV medicine says
that pharmacy expenses can cause up to 14% of patients to interrupt, or even stop, their
treatment. HIV meds require high levels of adearance
and interruptions can give rise to drug-resistant strains. And finally, signs are that Brad Pitt and
Angelina Jolie will marry this weekend at Correns in France. The pair refused to wed until gay marriage
was passed in the US, but they caved under pressure from their children. That’s all from us here in London
Join us again tomorrow.