Pippi Longstocking Annika lives impoverished
in Mallorca The role of Annika in the Pippi Longstocking
films has brought Maria Persson no money and no luck. The former Swedish child actress Maria Persson
lives impoverished in Mallorca. The role of Annika in the Pippi Longstocking
films have brought her no money and luck, said the 60-year-old of the magazine “Bunte”,
according to Wednesday’s announcement. “No one believed me, I’m not feeling well,
because I’m Annika and really must be rich and happy.” There was a time when she needed help urgently
and nobody was there for her. The former actress shares in Palma de Mallorca
a two-room apartment with her son Oscar and his girlfriend. Because of osteoarthritis in the knee she
could hardly move for years. For an operation she had the money missing. Only 2000 Euro Gage
“No one knew how successful the films would be, and in Sweden it was not common at the
time to pay a lot of money to children performers,” Persson said. There were at most 2000 euros. “When my parents asked for more money after
the first movie, the production company threatened to re-fill me.” A crowdfunding campaign by fans of former
children’s stars from the Pippi Longstocking films has collected money. Persson got exactly like Inger Nilsson (Pippi)
and Pär Sundberg (Tommy) 10.000 Euro. From the money Persson wanted to operate now
on the knee.