hello everyone welcome in here in this video we will how we can earn with pivot app by socializing is this app real or fake what is minimum withdraw limit i will share recent withdraw proof of this app and i will guide you how you can work on it very simple method just read the posts and get power power will be converted in in bitcoin after every 24 hours you will get a bonus in the main page of your app you will see a timer when this timer ends you will see a popup dialogue box click on collect bonus to get your bonus oky now we will learn how we can create account on this app very simple go to description of this video click on joining likn of this app when you click the link it will take you in any browser click on login with google select your account from which you want to create your account of this app after selecting your account you will see this type of screen click on download app to withdraw it will take in playstore and app downloading will start wait till app downloaded i have downloaded app so i will show you how its looks like when it is downloaded this is the dash board of the app you will see many options here in top you will see your profile and your followers ok now i guide you how to work on it simply click on daily tasks for power you will this type of window here you will see tasks for power how you can power by inviting friends reading posts of others and you can also earn by shairing posts to others on each you will receive fix power which is in front of each task click on read read button you will see this type of window now you will see different posts click on any post post will open now scroll down you will see get read power button in bottom click on this button wait a little you will see blue alert message like this now you have earn 200 power you can earn power by shairing it to others if some one read it and in the app you will got 200 power click on news menu you will different news posts open these posts and get power by clicking on get read power button press back button open another post and get power from that post in this open the posts and get power very simple way of earning you can earn 4000 power per day through read power but you can earn unlimited by shairing refer link and shairing posts power will be resets to 0 after every 24 hours now i will show you recent withdraw proof of this app ok watch recent withdraw proofs if you like this video please hit the like button this is the recent withdraw of this app this app is paying and it is totally free you can earn without any investment if you found this video helpful please hit the subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the bell icon this app has its social network i will take you its social network to to check some recent updates sorry i will cut this add here are some social networks links you can visit these networks and you can check different comments of users ok i will take you its twitter page you can see here its team recent tweets to get more info about this app features like how power is converted in btc what is exchange ration and much more visit description and useful videos on these topics comment your opinion about this video don’t forget to subscribe our channel to more videos thanks for watching this video