>>PERKINS: I want to thank Planned Parenthood
for inviting me here. I am a poet, so I’ll share my words with you today.>>The battle is raging.>>With unintended pregnancy and teen births,
the enemy is digging in.>>Sexually transmitted infections spread.>>The frontlines of New Orleans and Baton
Rouge are reeling from some of the highest HIV rates in the country, while the dreams
of our young are fed to a vicious cycle of poverty.>>We cannot wish it away. We cannot cross
our fingers, or click our heels, or ignore it away.>>Bring hope where there’s despair. Offer
comfort where there’s fear. Build safe houses.>>Love our neighbors — all of them.>>I will respect decisions you make about
your body. Is it asking too much for you to respect decisions I make about mine? Or ones
she makes about her’s?>>Respect is a holy word.>>Offer sympathy and forgiveness.>>My bread is your bread. His bread is our
bread.>>Be united with us all.>>Sharing is a sacred word.>>Gluttony in the face of destitution is crass.>>A stuffed belly with the knowledge of a
hungry neighbor is uncivilized.>>We live in the greatest country in the world.
Children of the working poor can dream of becoming president of the United States.>>Two thumbs up for the country.>>But only our ability to serve them can breathe
life into these dreams.>>Only our ability to keep them well and disease
free can make their dreams reality before they’re crushed beneath the weight of poverty.>>Remember, there’s gold in them ghettos.
There’s gold in them suburbs. And there’s gold in them people.>>Thanks a lot.