HALTED — LEAVING RESIDENTS WONDERING .. WHAT NOW? POTHOLES AND BROKEN WATER MAINS — PROBLEMS THEY SAY ARE NOW AFFECTING THEIR HOMES. LAST MONTH, WE TOLD YOU REPAIRS TO FIX SOME OF THE PROBLEMS WOULD START THIS MONTH. ALEXANDER ZANNES IS GETTING ANSWERS … ALEXANDER? ALEXANDER: JOE — WE FOUND OUT THE CONTRACTOR WORKING ON THE PROJECT WAS HAVING FINANCIAL TROUBLE. MEANTIME, RESIDENTS ARE LEFT WAITING FOR A SOLUTION. JOSHUA BARNES / PALOLO RESIDENT: I think more recently there is the sinkhole associated with ground movement residents concerns. SANDRA LEE, RESIDENT what’s going to have to continue to contracted to do the 4-point- 7-million-dollar work is in the process of filing for supposed to start this month contractor, and what safeguards are in place in case something like this happens. budget director can ask questions about qualifications. Plus, all purchasing must follow State and City laws. And a contractor must show that they can do the work. ALEXANDER: MY CALLS TO PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED WERE NOT RETURNED. THE CITY ALSO TOLD ME A BOND COMPANY HAS NOW TAKEN RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE PROJECT — A PROJECT TO SEE WHEN WORK IS ABLE TO START.