Press the Bell icon to never miss a video from Hello Friends & Welcome to this video. If you have watched news in the recent times, you must be knowing that due to Polar Vortex, there has been a significant decrease in temperature in North America. This Polar Vortex is causing severe temperature falls in Mid-West, northern plains of United States of America and Canada. What is Polar Vortex? In this video we will be discussing about Polar Vortex in detail. Before proceeding with the video, here’s a question for you Which movie was based on the Polar Vortex? If you know the answer, do share with us in the comment section below! You will know the answer by the end of this video. So let’s get started. Polar Vortices are basically arctic hurricanes or cyclones. And NASA defines them as a persistent whirling area of low pressure, typically found over both South & North Poles. What makes this Polar Vortex differ from other vortices is that the other normal polar votices occur on South Pole or North Pole. But this Polar Vortex originated from Arctic and is significantly elongated. And this Polar Vortex has two centers, one is Baffin Island, Canada and second in Siberia, Russia. Let’s talk about the fascinating facts of Polar Vortex! Two Polar Vortices exist in Earth’s Atmosphere. One is at North Pole, other is at South Pole! South Pole, also known as Geographic South Pole, this is one of the points where earth’s rotation axis interacts with its surface. Stratospheric Polar Vortex is a huge region of air where which contains west to east jet stream and circles the polar region. Vortices are present in areas having diameters lesser than 1000 kms which rotate, counterclockwise in Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in Southern Hemisphere. And the fascinating fact about this is, due to this Polar Vortex some parts of Canada experienced temperatures lower than Mars. The weather created due to Polar Vortex has caused the cancellation of 3000 flights in US. And this is also being considered, that if any individual spends more than 5 minutes in this weather then it can result into frost bite. To fight this Vortex, extreme measures are being taken in the cities and states of Mid West. Indianapolis Mayor has banned driving and schools have been shut down in Chicago. So this was our brief overview on Polar Vortex. Now is the time to provide you the answer for the concerned question, we asked you, which movie is based on Polar Vortex? The correct answer is “The Day After Tomorrow”! This movie was released in the year 2004. Did you like this video? Do let us know in the comment section below! And share this video with your friends. Thank you for watching this video & All The Best for your Exams!