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am gonna leave Baltimore I’m gonna be in Iceland tomorrow for a little bit twelve
hour layover then I’m going to Spain and next show will be taped
but then the show after that will be from Spain so I’m not bringing my Tresor
with me um so I am NOT gonna be back in the
United States until November 21st I believe so I’m not gonna have my my hunk
of Bitcoin with me too so I’m gonna miss the big old thing I’ll be able to do it
with some of my Bitcoin but the big hunk of my Bitcoin will not be available to
me I do have little bits and pieces stored in special places I’m not gonna
get into all that stuff but yeah and so 2x hard fork crypto dividend whatever
you want to call it that’s probably gonna happen on November 15th
who knows when everything will be safe with that so maybe I won’t miss that one
who knows but I did what I want to give everybody that so I’ll be a big old
holder for quite a bit it appears but hey man I gotta do what I gotta do
can’t I can’t bring that atras whore with me when you’re going through all
these uh just customs and everyone the the USA everyone gives you if you’re a
Bitcoin dude and you make it obvious if you’re holding a trace or they’re not
too cool with you some of the time at least unless if maybe it’s just the way
I look maybe it’s my black hair or something I I don’t know
but better I might raise or Ted DiBiase sticks around in in the
Baltimore area in the state of Maryland and I go alright I go abroad so I’m
excited who knows I’ll see some people and up in
Israel eventually – we’ll get into that alright so yeah Bitcoin world reserve
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Mich the mish economic blog has an article about how 50 percents 57 percent
of Australians cannot afford an extra $100 if their mortgage rates go up
that’s not good they can’t afford to pay $100 extra a month for their mortgage
and it says that the wealthiest areas are affected the most i link to that
below and I bring this up because Australians are just as in debt as
Americans but what is wealth is wealth having a huge house in Australia that
you can’t afford if interest rates go up just by a little bit I
you can’t afford $100 extra in bills a month is that that’s what basically it
translates to you’re not too wealthy you don’t need that big house
Australians are learning about Bitcoin I saw it firsthand so I’ve seen the other
side of the spectrum so I encourage my Australian friends who are actually
watching this right now because I am on all the time right now it’s the middle
of the United States and I got to get out of here and in Europe it’s a good
time now strikes a good time so guys wherever you are
Bitcoin that’s wealth all right that’s a store of value right there getting over
leveraged into a house you not know not good don’t try to keep up with the
Joneses alright thank and mish anyway we’re not gonna give the mish blocky
doesn’t like Bitcoin but he didn’t bring up Bitcoin in that article all right all
coins as charity and and this is I they’re some random things I’m gonna be
bringing up here today because we’re just cleaning out what I got laying
around here all coins is charity if you’re confident in your altcoin you’ve
got to end people are trying to raise funds for
whatever you gotta say to them pay start here’s an address set up an account with
my let’s say it’s a etherium classic you’re gonna see here’s a set up you’re
a theorem a classic address I want to send you some aetherium classic I’m just
using as a random example and then you send them five dollars worth of the fear
in classic and of course they know not they don’t know what the heck they’re
gonna do with it they just sits there for a while and
that’s where the magic happens if you were confident if you thought your thing
was gonna go up that you’re all coin was gonna go up that much two years later
you’re like hey do you still have that address it’s worth $200 now and they are
just all the sudden into your altcoin hey long-term thinking I bring this up
because I know people have tried to people were raising funds in litecoin
when it was three dollars and they forgot about it now it’s fifty dollars
so they’re big fans of litecoin now so you can do that with any altcoin it’s a
little hey I’m thinking of creative ways you couldn’t do that with Bitcoin – just
with you know send somebody point 0:01 Bitcoin now as charity or whatever
they’re trying to raise funds for something and then they’ll be happy in
two years when it’s worth five times as a mouth well I’m dude I’m not gonna say
whatever when it’s worth a lot more and they’re gonna be that more they’re gonna
be very eager to figure out how to really use it because let me tell you if
you just send it to them now they’re just gonna be like oh yeah that’s
sitting around on that I don’t care but once they hear like Oh a second this
thing double triple and about now I’m really interesting alright so be gold
again uh something yeah vortex they brought up on a vortex show on a world
crypto Network check that out that was a good show I didn’t watch all of it yet
how high for Tex Sunday’s show which was just yesterday today’s Monday right I
don’t know what’s going on alright so yeah back to the B grow the problem
yesterday that I mentioned and linked it I linked to yesterday’s show below all
my all it shows her link to below anyway the reason some of these uh beat the be
cash Pravda organization that publishes articles that they’re not too big of
fans of be gold of a friendly fork of a friendly crypto dividend
the reason they’re not uh fans is because uh what would a they’re not very
special if and not very powerful they’re threatening the Bitcoin if if a random
group can fork Bitcoin and be competitive with the great king of the
trolls and and rocket man woo if that if that’s possible then they don’t they
don’t have that much leverage as they think they do so they’re gonna try to
rip on this thing to make to you know downplay in everything but if these
random group of dudes who are just doing be gold if they can be just as popular
and make it a bigger splash then what the heck is B cash anyway it’s all free
it’s all free so okay another thing about corporate dividends that somebody
brought up in the chat yesterday um I did I’ll read the chat afterwards
hey and if you’re in the chat right now you know you can do the super chat if
you want and I’ll answer your question real quick if you do that but yes
someone a guy brought up something that was really awesome
in terms of insolvency and so if you got if you have an exchange let’s say and
they have a hundred Bitcoin there and they’re you know there’s what a hundred
people each of them have one Bitcoin alright
and they’re storing it at the exchange now be gold comes along and they’re like
hey mr. exchange I need my one be gold please give me my
be gold now well how about if they had exchange only has 70 and let’s say only
70 people ask for their Bitcoin but let’s a be gold but let’s say that the
exchange they only really were storing 60 Bitcoin there so now they gotta
figure out what are they gonna do are they gonna distribute the 60 B gold and
then be like ten other people we’d happen to not have your B gold for some
odd reason the odd reason being that they weren’t they were doing factional
reserve type core stuff and they didn’t have what they said they had in Bitcoin
which that is the serious problem here you know the serious problem isn’t
getting your B gold I know if people will be
unhappy about that but people will probably be more unhappy if they figure
out like where I thought I was storing my Bitcoin actually doesn’t have all the
Bitcoin they say they do and it’s being exposed because they can’t pay out this
crypto dividend but what most likely would happen at that point is that
exchange would not want to be exposed so they would have to go out and buy be
gold and then give the other ten people their one big be gold each and extend
and pretend a little longer but on a larger grander scale than that if they
only have 10% of the Bitcoin that day and I’m not trying to create well I am
you know you shouldn’t store your Bitcoin at a third party here this is a
reason why I’m yelling gee whiz pound that like button if you want me to tone
my voice down a little bit I don’t mind I’m excited I gotta get on
the plane man oh god the plane when you got a good and I don’t go through the
naked body scanner either people I make them make them Frisch me down and you
know they always send some nasty dude there to frisk it down and they always
got it they always rub against it a little down there there’s always a
little and sometimes it hurts anyway so where was I okay yeah so don’t store
your Bitcoin there but maybe this some of these are future crypto diamonds are
gonna expose one of these one of these third parties for not having the Bitcoin
they say they have so this is this is a bigger story and I am glad that that
person in the chat and I forgot who it was your smart dude to bring that up and
and it is a very interesting subject that everyone should I think about okay
other things that I have been meaning to bring up that are just Bitcoin related
in the city of Baltimore we used to be a big horse-racing town
we’ve attract Pimlico racetrack and only now I think it’s only two weeks a year
they raise horses down there and they they actually go down the Laurel which
is closer to DC for most of the horse races and our big horse race is called
the Preakness and they keep threatening to move it and they keep saying horse
racing is dead the industry is dead in Baltimore Pimlico is huge building I I
think the is the perfect opportunity for us
suppose a dead industry to partner with Bitcoin figure out ways people can bet
with Bitcoin they you people and maybe gives someone there’s a huge space at
Pimlico let Bitcoin entrepreneurs open offices there you can combine dead
into supposedly dead industries with this new industries there’s all sorts of
creative ways of going about it I was just hypothesizing I was thinking
about it for a while now because it will be sad if the Preakness leaves Baltimore
but there there are ways that you see what the Pimlico is just trying to beg
the government for money they want corporate welfare but if they were truly
entrepreneurial and maybe they are and maybe someone will figure this out one
day they would try to look into new industries how can we use our empty
space how can we use what our existing business model and combine it with a new
awesome thing that’s growing and anyway that’s
just something that’s something I’ve been thinking about um one other thing
I’ve been thinking about is that a world the road the single-payer health care
here in the United States and that’s not too cool but it’s bullish for Bitcoin
because the in order to pay for this single-payer that we’re probably going
we’re probably going to end up with in the United States it’s gonna take a lot
of printing of dollars it’s gonna take some inflationary
tactics here so opt out of the system totally by holding Bitcoin as a
countermeasure to this this system that you’re being rolled into here the
single-payer thing though and we’re gonna have increased taxes who know who
knows what’s gonna be but what’s gonna happen but if yet if you get in the
Bitcoin it is definitely something that is it is bullish for Bitcoin that
they’re gonna do this horrible thing because everyone who’s smart is gonna
want to get in the Bitcoin to avoid the because the dollar is gonna go down is
going down I don’t think it’s knowing I’m not one of those doom and gloom
boosters like the dollars going to zero or whatever but it’s not good for the
dollar if all of a sudden we create this tremendous new social welfare program
where every sick person in America gets free healthcare leave
the people who are productive and paying for it and leeching off of money
printing anyway that’s one thing so if single payer I’m trying to look on the
bright side here if single payer comes along it’ll be foolish for us Bitcoin
holders and get into the Bitcoin now is just um that’s the bottom line here buy
and hold buy and hold what else do I have to say finally um speaking of the
doom why do your SpaceX Elon Musk are people just jealous are just are people
just jealous of that dude because he was gonna Mars he wants to go to the moon so
exciting so entrepreneurial the ultimate the ultimate dreams of expansion and
creativity and intelligence and there’s so many people out there in YouTube land
they’re like it’s a conspiracy we’d ever landed on the moon this Elon it’s all
fake what he’s talking about why what he’s being promoted to trick us all and
I mean it’s the craziest stuff I mean people don’t want progress people just
want to sleep stay in their little hole and be and just behaviors and not be
doers and that guy is the ultimate freaking doer their dreamer and I just
don’t get that mentality and I can say a the mentality of the people to just have
that hate on these people people be positive you know if someone is doing
something awesome strive to do something better than he’ll on must why not
instead of like ripping to do it apart and coming up with kids insane
conspiracy theories about an intelligent smart doer so hey get out there people
be in motion travel around I’m about to travel I will see you guys soon enough
soon enough i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
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