you probably have seen the number of
stories where they talk about the postal service is lost nearly twenty billion dollars over
the last four years processed terrible i think that the government’s veterinary uh… and that in the next month they
might not be able to make up five point five billion dollar many dependency that don’t bankrupt cad government arable popped up anti-matter on anything we can privatize well that is until you find out the real
story the real story is that in two thousand
six that republicans past of this thing
called a postal accountability enhancement act of two thousand six what of that too that mandated that the postal service follow role old but no other governmental
organizations and no other private organization faults what was that that they had to pay into the pension of
their workers for the next seventy-five years within a ten-year time frame so they would be that now have to pay
over the last four years they have to pay into pensions are people they haven’t
even hired yet seventy five-year window frame that’s crazy of course that means that they have just
taken all the money that they have now and given for these theoretical retirees that they’re gonna hire later well if
you do that no private business can sustain that and non-governmental organization this
is saying that it in corning to the numbers they have overpaying the patient to the
federal government of at least six point nine billion dollars and they might have
overpaid anywhere between twenty five fifty billion dollars into the pension
system well that accounts for all the
difference in fact if you do in math and you take out no overpayment of the
postal service into the pension systems you know that over the last four years
the postal service system actually had how one point five billion dollar sharp loss now that’s what you may have read here in that rest of the media so this is nothing but an accounting
trick that their opponents did to kill the postal service and right now they are gleeful they’re talking about haiti that is at
least cut a hundred twenty thousand jobs delayed yes more government workers we fire does that make a difference to them but
the postal service is actually not losing money except for this accounting
trick no they don’t care the don’t run into a dozen people don’t
have to get fired they don’t care and it looked at the art of one of the
reserve worsley into the election still a great will blame it on obama
it’s a win-win for us but they’re also michael is to destroy
the whole thing and there right now they’re not proposing new legislation saying oh the postal service is our realities in losers then the government will run there postal service of course boarded up as lucia destroyed and privatize it by
the way this property investment products they they can all this guy i know they
can if i want to send a package to new york
a letter to new york what are they gonna charge me about
twenty bucks was the postal service who charge me
forty four cents and by the way you think the republicans
don’t know that he shut down the postal service their friends who give the money it from
ups and fedex are gonna get a helluva lot richer of course they know that and they get or campaign donations and then finally uh… the last part of it is a big
rotten state you see that we prove government doesn’t work it doesn’t work because of the laws of
you passed which you know on purpose would destroy
the postal service look this isn’t academic one day if they take down the postal
service and you go to newburgh send a letter to
whoever you gonna send it to well ok where forty four cents roseanne apply
toward i gotta pay fifteen bucks and there is a dot gammon who did this plots are you headed republicans that it well they will ironically is the rest of
the media to say the exact opposite it is maddening but now you know the truth also on the ups and fedex to don’t
deliver everywhere the only deliver worries profitable and
then to places where the which is not proper beloved make this post office to in the post
office doesn’t at a loss because that’s what they’re supposed to do this was
served all americans right that’s a great point uh… first of all they don’t need them uh… take government money the they paid for themselves that’s why
the charge of the forty four cents that’s why they charge all the things
that they charge you ending it seems like a opposite aware of
what was really second of all since they our government that entity though they do have to
deliver for the american people literally six days a week to all those places and
was one of the emergency cuts that they’re doing there too close over three thousand post
offices so i had a interview sygate uh… mail over there well sorry you’re gonna have to do gupta a longer distance sometimes you know very long distance the binding
post office by that service is not there for you
anymore wilder bottle of it you have to drive longer needed to pay
more for gas you have to be more can be used they love it is a liar i haven’t heard
of when the government out again so is the worst of all worlds here it is that a good insist government system that is working and they destroy uh… it left the last thing on slick it doesn’t mean that i think the poll you every of the postal service is orson that every time dot the postal service
dot gotten also served of course not look personalized slow yes art you know
d you have some other issue the postal service but overall easing for hundreds of years for a tiny amount you know when i was a
kid what was a fence and for last now it’s up to move forty four cents you put on the left at the egos anywhere
in the country six days a week it’s worked for hundreds of years until the republicans pass that bill in
two thousand six part number scripting where did you
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