I want to thank all the faculty, staff, students,
community members, alumni, members of the board of trustees for welcoming me and my
family to Mount Pleasant and Central Michigan University. The transition has been absolutely phenomenal
and the hospitality and the warm welcoming has been graciously accepted. There are a lot of strengths at Central Michigan
University that we can build off of. We have a very strong financial and fiscal
foundation. We have policies and procedures and operations
down very, very well. We have excellent academic programs that are
rigorous and relevant and a strong, strong culture of leadership. We will be bold. We will be decisive. We will be intentional. We will use data to make important decisions. We will reenforce our academic programs, reenforce
our academic rigor and make sure that we remain relevant and excellent in all the things we
do. We all of these successes is absolutely amazing,
but we do face some challenges that we must recognize, access and address. This includes, for example, the increase competition,
the significant increase in competition for students, for resources, reputational access
and the light. We need to continue to be aggressive in nature. We need to be fortifying our efforts by making
smart decisions based on data, based on our strengths, based on our core values. We have to have rich, rigorous and relevant
academic programs at the undergraduate level and graduate level. We will emphasize the learning and research. We are in the business of creating, disseminating
and applying knowledge. That is what we do and we do it extremely