I want to say that Elizabeth and I have grown
to love the place. And you, being Central Michigan University,
will always have a special, special place in our hearts. I would encourage all of you. All of our students, our faculty, staff and
alumni to be proud, to be bold, to be confident in CMU as a first-choice university. I want you to know that we deliver educational
experiences in a manner that is unique with a profound impact on lives, that all of us
at CMU put our stamp on students and alumni in ways that many other universities simply
do not. I’ve crossed campus and traveled this country
and internationally on occasion for the past eight years, I’ve met countless students and
countless alumni. These students and alumni, without fail, cannot
wait to tell me about their experiences at CMU They talk about faculty and staff who took the
time to not only teach them, but to guide them, to inspire them and to help them see
their own potential. They talk about deep relationships and support. They brag about experiences in and out of
the classroom. They share stories about how CMU faculty and
staff challenged them and helped them grow intellectually and personally. Some of those very alumni are sitting around
this board table today and in our audience today Folks please know, we nurture, we support and
we inspire. We create opportunities for each and every
student, one on one. We open pathways students didn’t even know
existed. We truly do prepare leaders. We graduate leaders who are fueled throughout
their lives by the encouragement and support of individual faculty and staff, who are fueled
by the legacy of alumni, before and around them. CMU is one of a kind and I’m proud to be have
your president. Thank you. *clapping*