Welcome to this tutorial on electronically
submitting a withdrawal request for an
application through eRA Commons’ Prior Approval feature.
As you know, after the successful submission of
an error free application, the Signing Official (SO) has two business days
to reject an application. After those two days, the SO must contact the
Division of Receipt and Referral (DRR) to request
the withdrawal of the application. This latter process can now be accomplished
electronically through eRA Commons. The submission of an electronic request for
withdrawal is available until the application is in
Pending Council Review. After that point, the application cannot be
withdrawn. After that point, the application cannot be
withdrawn. A benefit of providing this functionality
electronically is that it can be done through eRA
Commons, an environment familiar to both SOs and
Principal Investigators (PIs). Additionally, the initiation of a Withdrawal
Request can be done by both an SO and a PI. However, only the SO will have the ability to
submit the request to NIH. Accessing the functionality starts with logging
into eRA Commons. Once logged in, both SOs and PIs will click on
the Prior Approval tab on the top navigation
menu. Both will see an option to initiate a request in
the box to the left. Both the PI and SO will have a box for Existing
Prior Approval Requests. For the SO, the List my Requests will display
any requests that are awaiting their approval. For the PI, it will only show the requests they
have initiated, or have been initiated on their
behalf. However, the SOs will have an additional option
available to them. Since they manage all the
applications and grants for an institution, they can use the Search for Requests button to
see all requests that have been submitted or
have a status of “In Progress PI,” which means the PI has initiated the withdrawal
request but may still be working on it, and has not routed it to the SO for review and or
submission. To initiate a withdrawal request, both SOs and
PIs will go to the Initiate a Prior Approval
Request box. In the field for Request Type, they will select
Withdrawal Request. Click Go after selecting Withdrawal Request
from the Initiate a Prior Approval Request box. The system will generate a list of eligible
applications for withdrawal. The results are displayed in a table showing the Grants.gov Tracking Number; Application ID; Project Title; Application Status; and the
eSubmission Status Date. Again, because SOs manage all the
applications and grants, they have three text filter fields they can use at
the top of the screen to narrow the results to the
application they want. Once the application is found, click on the radio
button to the far left to select the application. Once that is done, the Initiate Withdrawal
Request button becomes active. Click the
button to start the request. This will open the Prior Approval Request
Withdrawal form. It will display the Request ID (a
system generated ID number); the PI name; the Grants.gov Tracking Number; Application ID;
and Project Title. The only required field is the
Justification field. This is a plain text field with a limit of 4000
characters. Use this field to provide a brief explanation as to
why the application should be withdrawn. You can also provide supporting documents
(PDF format only) if needed. You can upload as many as 10 pdf documents,
each not exceeding 5MB in size. To upload a
file, click the Upload button; navigate to the desired document and select the
document. When the upload is complete, you will see a green box appear above the
Upload button to indicate a successful upload. The name of the file will be displayed below,
along with the date it was uploaded. You can review the file by clicking the View
button, or remove the file by clicking the Delete
button. If there is still more work to be done before
routing to the SO, or submitting to agency, the Request can be saved “as is” by clicking the
save button. You will see a green confirmation message at
the top of the screen when the save is complete. Hitting the Cancel button will bring you back to
the Prior Approval screen, after confirming that
you agree to lose any unsaved data. As the PI, if you are done providing the
justification and any supporting documents, the request will then be routed to the SO listed
on the application. There is an optional
comments field. Once the Route to SO button has been clicked,
you will see a green confirmation message. The request will now have a status of “In
Progress SO” and the PI will not be able to
make any changes to the request. Since the SO is the person who must submit
the request, the SO will receive a notification
that a Withdrawal Request is pending. Upon review, the SO can route it back to the PI
if the SO determines more information is
needed. Similar to the routing to the SO from the PI, the
SO can provide comments in the optional
comments box. Upon clicking Route to PI button, the status will
revert to “In Progress PI” and a notification will
be sent to the PI. If the SO deems the request valid and it does
not require any additional justification or
supporting documents, the SO can then submit it to the agency.
Clicking the Submit button changes the status
of the request to “Submitted to Agency.” Both the SO and PI will receive notifications that
the request has been successfully submitted. No changes can be made to the request from
this point forward. If the request has the status of “In Progress PI,”
and the SO wants to make changes to it, the
SO will need to recall the request. This is done by finding the desired request, and
clicking View. The Prior Approval Requests
Withdrawal screen will open. In the bottom right, the SO will click the Recall
button. This will change the status of the request to “In
Progress SO” and allow the request to be
edited. Once the request has been submitted, DRR will
review the request. Upon approval, the PI will
receive a notification. The SO will see the application status has
changed to Withdrawn, and will see the withdrawal confirmation in the
Correspondence section of the Status
Information screen in eRA Commons. This concludes the tutorial on electronically
submitting a withdrawal request for an
application through eRA Commons. A number of resources are available to you
should you need assistance with this process. Screen help is available by clicking on the
question mark on the Prior Approval screens. If
you still have questions about submitting If you still have questions about submitting
withdrawal requests electronically, contact the
eRA Service Desk. Thanks for watching.