As a member of your association You benefit from industry leading insurance. So you’re covered, right? Maybe. But now consider that your business has unique qualities. That Insurance has become more complex. And that Canadians have become increasingly litigious. At PROLINK, we see the risks you face. And we’ll connect you to the extra protection you need. We know your profession extensively. And we strongly advise you to have your own Professional Liability coverage. Here’s why. Canada is becoming more litigious. If you’re sued, you’ll want a lawyer experienced in defending professional negligence claims. Even defending yourself from a frivolous claim can be costly. And it isn’t uncommon. Then there’s the damage that can happen to your reputation. You need to defend yourself from complaints against you as a professional If you can’t afford to defend yourself, you could lose your license to practice. Are you on contract? Then you’re not covered by your employer’s insurance. If you are sued, your personal finances are on the line. PROLINK can help protect you and your assets by covering legal defence costs, and settlements awarded against you. The policy is affordable and sign-up is easy. In less than 10 minutes you can complete the application and purchase the policy. Can you afford not to get it? In a time of unpredictability, PROLINK connects you to the coverage you need to protect your assets and your business. Talk to our insurance professionals about our protection options available exclusively to members of your association Thank you for watching.