This week on TGC News, it’s possibly the most
jam packed episode ever! Sig has a tiny pistol, PSA listens to MAC,
new silencers, new guns, the struggle bus and MORE! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Shoutout to everyone watching this show from
behind enemy lines in states like California, New Jersey and New Yorkistan. Like I said in the opening, we have a lot
to cover so let’s get to it. First up this week, Palmetto State Armory
has re-released the AKV. For those unaware, the AKV is a 9mm AK thats
been modernized quite a bit and takes CZ scorpion style magazines. It sells for just over 700 bucks. They were originally released in late 2018
BUT PSA found out pretty quickly that there were some issues afoot that needed to be addressed. This re-released version has a few much needed
upgrades. First, they’ve flared the dust cover and turned
it into a sort of overtravel stop for the safety lever, they’ve also done a better job
attaching the dust cover to the rear sight so that it doesn’t move. Inside the gun, they’ve added a recoil block
and recoil buffer to stop the gun overrunning itself and causing feed issues. Timing is everything when it comes to semi
auto reliability and this aims to correct those issues. There is also a new cut on the bolt itself
which is intended to act as a sort of shovel as the bolt is going forward to aid in getting
spent casings out and away from the gun. Think of it as a moving brass deflector. And last but not least, they’ve adding something
inside the receiver that they are calling the MAC bracket. This is named after Military Arms Channel. The reason for the bracket is that when Tim
was clearing a malfunction, there was enough of a gap inside the fire control group for
a spent case or even a live round to fall down inside and totally lock up the gun. The bracket is there to prevent that from
happening. There are a couple things that stand out to
me here as interesting. First, it’s great to see PSA tackle the issues
that came up in pretty quick fashion. it’s only been a few months since the release
of the gun and they already have everything, hopefully, addressed. Beyond that, it shows that they are listening
to the consumer and owned up to the issues. Not only that but this, to my knowledge is
the first time that a gun company has named a part after a gun channel. I know for a fact that guntubers can affect
the outcome and designs quite a bit but I’ve never seen any gun company come out and say
hey, not only did we fix this but we are naming it after one of the people that found the
problem. That’s a sign of the times for sure. And the last thing that stands out to me here
is that PSA has said that anyone with an older AKV will get the upgrades for free. SO it’s sort of a recall, sortof a redesign,
and sort of a new gun. Call it a AKV firmware upgrade. Time will tell if the fixes solve the issues
100%. It gets me thinking, with a lot of gun companies,
we see them try to sweep functionality issues under the rug and make them not seem like
a big problem, but here we have a company willing to face the problems head on and own
it. My question then becomes, do you guys at home
trust a brand like PSA more because of this or do you think that they should have tested
the gun more to begin with? Maybe the answer lies somewhere in the middle? Drop your thoughts in the comment section
and let me know. Next up this week, we have something different
that actually comes from a couple of gun writers. Jeremy and Chris from the website have gotten together to form a new company called Black Collar Arms. Their main product? A tiny little bolt action chassis system called
the Pork Sword. We’ve seen a ton of push towards pistols chambered
in rifle cartridges over the last few years and this is no different. However, it is the smallest chassis that I’ve
laid eyes on. Instead of having a huge chunk of metal, basically
all you have here is the essential center section and then picatinny rails on the the
ends to attach a brace or a forend. It’s kind of a neat idea and that has been
bolstered by their new builders kit’s. Essentially all you would need here is a Remington
700 pattern action and you’d be good to go. Included in their kit’s are the chassis, the
BCA far end, which is their minimalist way to attach things up front, and SB Tactical
brace, a pistol grip, and a choice of barrel. You have choices of caliber between things
like a 10 inch 300 blackout, 12.5 inch 308 and my favorite, a 9 inch 458 socom. The barrels are from KAK which means they’re
not ultra premium like Proof BUT they are definitely a solid barrel for the money. Prices on the build kids fall in around 700
bucks. Combine that with the price of a factory action
and you’re looking at around a grand all in for a tiny little bolt action pistol. To me, it’s one of those things that just
strikes me as fun. AR pistols are all the rage right? Maybe this is the next step towards having
fun in a different way. Also consider the fact that you could use
one of these tiny little bastards for hunting in areas where semi autos aren’t legal but
handguns are. Check your local laws but either way an all
around neat idea coming from guys that have lived the gun industry day in and day out
for a long time. In industry bus depot news, yes, even more
news this week. Smith and Wesson has announced that they will
be moving their warehousing OUT of communist massachusetts and into the new American Outdoor
Brands, the big blue parent company’s new warehousing facility in Columbia Missouri
this year. In essence, they are consolidating all of
their logistics into one centralized warehouse, which from my perspective makes sense. It also comes around the same time as Missouri
announcing they will not follow federal gun laws which is an interesting thing altogether. They are saying that no one will lose their
jobs because they will be placed into other positions in springfield mass. Keep in mind this is just the warehousing
that is moving, not Smith and Wesson HQ which still remains in massachusetts. I think they get a ticket to the not so struggle
bus. Unfortunately for Hudson manufacturing, they
aren’t that lucky. On March 14th, they officially filed for chapter
7 bankruptcy. This is likely the result of long history
of issues within the brand. First it was supply chain issues, then it
was reliability issues with the guns themselves, then customer service issues and finally financial
issues. I’ve personally spent time with the Hudsons. They’re good people but clearly, something
wasn’t being handled correctly under that roof. There’s no telling what will happen to the
guns that are currently at their facility for warranty work and that also means, currently
you can buy an H9 pistol for almost half of what they cost before. And in more struggle bus news, United Sporting
Companies, the parent company of gun distributors Ellet Brothers, AcuSport and Jerry’s has announced
that they will be consolidating their Pittston, pennsylvania facility into its south carolina
and ohio facilities. Boys and girls, this is the result of the
leveling off that we have talked about for a long time. Hopefully this will allow them to continue
to be in business. How about we pick up the pace a little bit
with some rapid fire news? Magpul has recently announced the addition
of a new drum magazine. They’ve come out with a plus size model of
their D60 called the D50 which holds you guessed it, 50 rounds of 7.62×51 ammo. That’s going to cost you about 150 bucks which
is significantly less than an Xproducts drum mag and comes with 100% less anti gun BS. Savage is expanding their line of hunting
shotguns. As far as I know their 212 and 220 bolt action
slug guns are regarded as some of the best on the market. Well they’ve taken those same guns and removed
the rifling and created the 212 and 220 Turkey guns. Prices are 695 for the 20 gauge and 779 for
the 12 gauge. Not sure if I would go for one of these over
a pump or semi auto but it’s always good to have options. CZ is expanding their line up of silencers
with a new Rimfire model. it’s capable of handling magnum rimfire rounds
up to .224 diameter and weighs in at a modest 2.5 ounces. There is no data on sound suppression besides
offering a user tunable baffle. Maybe that’s one TGC needs to get a hold of
for some testing. Pricing on those is 339 bucks which is really
not bad at all. Also in silencer news, Liberty has just announced
the Infinity X which is a rehashed version of their discontinued Infinity silencer. According to them it’s got a lot of the same
features as their popular Mystic X and comes in at about 3.7 ounces lighter because of
they are using more titanium. The price tag on this weighs in at 845 dollars
which is 200 more than the Mystic X currently. So 200 dollars difference for under 4 ounces
in weight savings. On top of that if you have an older Mystic,
Infiniti or mystic X, you can have them upgrade it to become an infiniti X for 450 bucks. They say this was created out of customer
feedback but I am really struggling to figure out why it exists at all if the only difference
is a few ounces in weight. It does exactly the same thing as far as being
a multi caliber can, seems weird to me. Sig has announced a new version of the MPX
called the Copperhead. it’s one of the weirdest guns to come out
of the serious manufacturer in a while. Long story short, it’s an MPX with a 3.5 inch
barrel. Yes this has a shorter barrel than a Glock
19. I’m sure this was cooked up for some alphabet
soup agency requirement but at a whopping post 1800 dollar MSRP i’m not sure it makes
any sense for us normies. And rounding us out on rapid fire is a new
Ruger 10/22 competition model. At first glance I thought this was a response
to the performance center versions of the TCR22 BUT the new ruger has a lot more features
packed in. It’s got an adjustable cheek rest, a BX25
trigger, an extended mag release, fluted threaded barrel with a muzzle brake and a nice laminate
stock. Pricing on that is 899 msrp which puts it
almost 300 dollars higher than the TC. Time will tell how they compare. It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment
where I answer your questions. This week our questions are coming from the
TGC nation facebook group. Tons of you guys jumped in there for the gun
channel poll so I wanted to make sure we got some questions from you guys watching in there. Abso-freakin-lutely. Anyone in a school environment should be trained
on how to handle those situations. Armed or unarmed, everyone should be up to
speed. I would love to do that but finding a place
to do it in my area is tough. A lot of ranges don’t allow for that sort
of thing OR they are just not someone I want to partner with. Options are severely limited so if you guys
have ideas, lay them on me. I can’t think of a single best one. I remember early on there was a guy that recognized
me in a gas station in the middle of nowhere and was pretty excited and then he sent me
a super nice message afterwards, I also remember a guy at NRA one year that had to have his
wife come over to get me so he could have a picture. And of course Richard who comes over from
the UK every year to NRAAM. Honestly, a lot of my favorite encounters have happened
at the NRAAM events. it’s incredible to meet so many of you guys
every year. And speaking of that, the TGC panel announcement
should be posted this week. My friendly fire question to you guys this
week is based on a video I saw by LockPickingLawyer on YouTube, he took one of those Identilock’s
and broke it open with pretty basic techniques in only 8 seconds. Maybe I’m missing something here but I want
to know what you guys think. Also, there is a link for the lock picking
video in the description so you guys can see it for yourselves. And hey, if you want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
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