Questions asked by the Chapter 7 Trustee at
the 341 Meeting of Creditors It’s important to know the answers to the
Chapter 7 Trustee’s questions ahead of time so that you are fully prepared for your 341
Meeting of Creditors. I spend time with each client ensuring that
they know and understand both the question and answer to ensure that they spend the least
time possible at their 341 meeting as most of clients don’t want to be their in the
first place. Here are the questions that the Chapter 7
Trustee will ask at your 341 Meeting of Creditors: 1. State your name and current address for the
record. 2. Please provide your picture ID and Social
Security number card for review. 3. Did you receive a copy of this bankruptcy
notice information sheet? 4. Did you sign the petition, schedules and related
documents and is the signature your own? 5. Is that your signature on page 6 of the bankruptcy
petition? 6. Did you read the petition, schedules and related
documents before you signed them? 7. Are you personally familiar with the information
contained in the petition, schedules, statements and related documents? 8. To the best of your knowledge, is the information
contained in the petition, schedules, statements, and related documents true and correct? Are there any errors or omissions to bring
to my attention at this time? 9. Did you list all of your real estate on Schedule
A? 10. Did you list all personal property on Schedule
B? 11. Is Schedule C a complete list of the property
that you are claiming as exempt? 12. Is Schedule F a complete list of your creditors? 13. Is Schedule I an accurate list of your income
at the time you filed for bankruptcy? 14. Is Schedule J an accurate list of your current
monthly expenses? 15. Have you previously filed bankruptcy? (provide trustee with case number and the
discharge information to determine discharge eligibility in this case). 16. What is the address of your current employer? 17. Is the copy of the tax return your attorney
provided to my office before this meeting a true copy of the most recent tax return
you filed? 18. Do you have a domestic support obligation? To whom? Please provide the claimant’s address and
telephone number, but do not state it on the record. 19. Are you current on your post-petition domestic
support obligations? 20. Have you filed all required tax returns for
the past four years? 21. Did anyone pass away that gave you money or
property in the past year? 22. Have you paid any debts to family or friends
in the past year? 23. Have you sold or otherwise disposed of any
property in the last four years? 24. Have you sold or given anything away in the
last four years? 25. Is their any money or property owed to you? 26. Were you been involved in any auto accident
cases or slip-n-fall cases in the last four years? 27. What is the status of each case and who is
representing you? 28. Why did you file for bankruptcy? That’s a lot of questions but with the right
preparation you can easily breeze through the 341 Meeting of Creditors. Call me for a free consultation at (215) 551
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