– A lot of times they’ll ask me, “How can you represent these people “that have committed
these horrible crimes?” And my response is always, “I represent the person, not their crime.” (uptempo groove) – If the cops do their jobs, we’re not getting any thing different, other than helping that person maybe, we’re gonna balance
things towards some way. But we’re never gonna get ’em off unless the cops made a mistake. And if they made a mistake, then it’s good that
we’re getting them off. The Constitution’s not doing its job if they’re making mistakes, and they’re still getting convictions
for these kind of things. (uptempo groove) – If you look at the authority and the power that law enforcement has, if there wasn’t some mechanism in place to check that power, to
double check their work, to make sure that they’re
following their own rules, just think about what we
would all be at risk of. (uptempo groove) – The most common things
that people are seeing, they’re everyday people. We’ve defended celebrities,
we’ve defended doctors, we’ve defended other lawyers, we’ve defended every kind
of swath of our society, and when it comes down to it, a lot of these people are good
people that made one mistake. (uptempo groove)