closed captions brought to you by yo: yeah dude but when he pulled his finger out i accidentally shit in his hand bud: right!? [both laughing] bud: shadowninja, you pussy pussy: can i help you? yo:he called you a pussy. because you’re using blackbeard? pussy: oh boohoo cry me a river i mean you are covering up your head kinda defeats the purpose of the game pussface: i’m not the one hiding behind a shield bud: uh, you precisely are pussy: yeah but i like some shit about body no, you’re right man you’re right i really don’t think it matters at all bud, do him. [laughing] oh wait, is it bitchbeard now? pussy: are you a full grown man complaining? bud: hmmmm no no have you heard me complain? I feel like your balls dropped 10 years ago and all i hear is complaining uh ten years ago, yeah i haven’t complained at all guy not even when you fuckin bitched out and team killed me cry me a fucking river i’m not complainnig do you not understand that? [laughing] butt-hurt why did he leave if he’s the – omg he quit? yeah, he quit omg that’s great back for a seconds! huh, bitch? [yo laughing] I like it you kids man you guys are fucking sick don’t you got work tomorrow shouldn’t you get to bed instead of playing video games shouldn’t you be worried about a promotion? or getting a better job? listen to this guy, you’re trying to get to me and i really could give a shit less I’m trying to stand up for myself don’t do that man dont try and stand up for yourself he quit again two times a quitter hey guys other guys on our team are ya’ll crackin up right now? this has been the most entertaining match i’ve played all night gundam: Joey! apagar el Netflix! joey el netflix elnetflixo dawg so i found out something about him he has someone he lives with named joey gundam: o es sólo otra mentira? y su perpetuación mi mierda i know big words too bud