– Well, the Penny Plan is a
plan to balance the budget. It balances the budget in five years. We cut one penny out of every dollar for all spending across the board. This plan’s been out there for a while and it’s amazing that it can
actually balance the budget in five years. Now the Republican leadership didn’t actually produce their own budget so there will be a vote, but it’ll only be on my budget tomorrow. The other thing that’s
interesting about this is because of Senate parliamentary rules, called reconciliation, we can also vote by simple majority some other good things that we should do. So one of the things we plan on doing, if Republicans will get on board and vote for this balanced budget plan, is to expand Health Savings Accounts. Health Savings Accounts would allow people to pay for their premiums,
pay for their deductible. It would also bring
competition to health care and bring the prices down. So this Penny Plan, which
will be voted on tomorrow, is very important and you know, conservatives need to call their senators because our fear is, unfortunately, we’re gonna lose Republicans. Just like when we tried
to repeal Obamacare, we had seven Republicans who said they were for
repealing Obamacare, voted to keep Obamacare. Same way here. They all say they’re for the
balanced budged amendment, and yet the balanced budget amendment says that the budget should
balance in five years, and yet now when they’re
given the opportunity to actually vote for a budget
that balances in five years, a lot of them get skittish, they’re weak in the knees, and they’re saying they’re
not gonna vote for this. So, conservatives across the country need to call up their Republican senators. There’s not much chance,
unfortunately, with the Democrats, but call up the Republican
senators and say why won’t you vote to balance the budget if you know, that’s what you campaign on when you’re at home?