Why is it important to develop
systems and processes and improve them all the time?
It’s because of competition. Lawyers and the whole legal industry face
a lot of different competition today People are demanding more speed,
less cost, and more ease of use with all of the businesses they deal with and
we’re not going to be an exception so in order for us to be more efficient,
more consistent in our delivery and to make life less costly when it comes to legal services
we can develop systems and processes which will enable us to do that.
An example of systems and processes that I talked about today was my initial meeting
client checklist so when I meet with a client I want to devote all my time and energy to
dealing with the client to understanding goals and setting goals and identifying issues and
problems which may prevent us from achieving those goals and designing a
strategy to achieve what the client needs. By having a checklist I can devote
myself to the client focus entirely on that and yet still cover all them rather
more mundane items that need to be addressed with an initial client meeting
the checklist frees me to be thinking and be creative I think where we’re
headed when it comes to automation in the legal field it’s going to vary from
the type of practice that lawyers have but I think for what I do — for bankruptcy
work — a lot of is information driven it’s an intensive information gathering
exercise and there’s really no reason that the client shouldn’t be able to
gather most of that information there will still be an ethical requirement and
a legal requirement for a lawyer to verify that accuracy with some degree of
reasonable diligence but I can foresee that in the very near distant future
that we’ll be giving away software to people so that they can complete the
forms they can provide the information and we will focus much more on the
counseling aspect we will focus much more on the strategic aspects — here’s
your information here are your goals what is going to be the best form of
bankruptcy what are the best terms
of a reorganization going to be for you or your business to succeed when facing
these financial difficulties so I’m more than willing to be giving away the
software I’m willing to be giving away a lot of information in fact when I
started practicing lawyers sold information
nobody had easy access to cases or digests you had to go to the state law
library to find these things today that’s all readily available on the
Internet to anybody who wants it so why not give it away and instead focus on
the things that actually most good lawyers want to be doing anyhow which is
the counseling in the creative aspects of it