sharks now joining us congressman rob andrews
for new jersey’s first congressional district hire someone might be a i think
you have me back and i appreciate know we’ve received so much a one-sided on
health care before that we do that annette republic which is about
bipartisanship obama’s efforts in that regard protestant george miller says that even
after bob armories up again he also did zero republican votes youth
agree with congressman miller or dvds any hope that the republican plan or i think drug dealers right and i think what the president doing it
laying bare for the whole country that this sham of the republican party saying
you want bipartisanship but i want bipartisanship they want this
president fail and they want to appear like they want
to cooperate so i think what the president do is call
their bluff you know they they want discussions on
national television collect they’re going to get that on february twenty
fifth and the public will get a chance of see
what they are for and what we’re foreign and and how willing the republicans are
to uh… compromise found that they want to
compromise that’ll i’d let you know senator lindsey era reputation urgent
demand from south carolina said this very
clearly a couple months ago that we will break barack obama on
health care that project lenses in my estimation what’s really important
is not a bipartisan summit but what happens after them because if the republicans continue to
give as your votes through the proposals
which is what most of those guests as as to how
to proceed what do you do that buchanan ten you to
reach out to them and weighs a tremendous amount of time will the white house finally bring out
the waters i think he passed a bill without them they put on a happy on the twenty fifth
of the president’s say look this is what we’re for we should control cost by having more
competition getting more people cover requiring the insurance companies to
live by fare rules which one of those three ten three four which one you can’t if they want to talk about tort reform
the restore form in this bill they want to talk about interstate
competition there is interstate competition bill if they want to go she good faith he
will and we should but i don’t think they want to do that
frankly and it if they fail to do that we should
pass a bill we should use the majority rule procedure and senate it’s been used twenty to try and thirty years if the normal procedure for key economic
legislation not extraordinary evidence is there a problem with it when
the bush tax cuts passed in all one oh three by reconciliation so mean i i i think we have to pass a
bill without the mister i’m willing to cooperate facing the key question then protestants should be in reconciliation because
you’re right are patsy with fifty one of course seems a
lot more doable but you don’t need any of the republicans but what is it that
the house side is basically demanding be in that reconciliation we want to get many people coverage we
can we want to make the policies of the
portable as possible for the person who drives a trucker waits on tables are
queen building we want ticket we want this cops to be paid for the most fair way
possible which i think u the people of the top two or three
percent pay them out uh… i don’t think we should have this
excise tax on on so-called high-cost insurance policies because i don’t think it’s a good idea for
middle-class people for those of the things i think we’d
like to think i notice one thing notably missing from
that list that would be the public option or medicare buy-in or
anything else by controls cost by creating competition for profit share
i’m for all those and i don’t think they’re fifty one-vote network nobody i don’t think there’s that we
have also said it will work on front of open up a look at the green line up so because that is in fact look didn’t
basically we were like tool because before the senate democrats at all all we don’t have the sixty votes for
obviously would have fifty while but what can we do is the republicans’ fault
so now it turns out we don’t have the fifty one votes what what i think we
ought to do it without the november seventh we had a bill the public option and we
put up for a vote we passed i think that you put the public option
updation after members of her fourteenth and let people pick position but in in my reading this and in
conversations i’ve had it looks like they don’t have fifty one i think it’s regrettable but i think they have fifty
one that’ll be there for votes for it that they never wanted they always want
to take the corporate money and they’re going to continue doing that flying
again you know out we started with a stronger version of
public option we got we could but we got one and we all took a position on we all
took a vote and senate somebody’s got multiplying letters but
they don’t like to catalog yeah well that’s definitely true soaps the that melissa but i’m i’m real quick
iti people are saying that this happens bite easter is that roughly right and if it is
easter what we waiting i don’t know that a timeline you know
something i think it’s more poor we get this right we get son here’s what i would suggest february twenty-fifth the whole country theory if the republicans are about
cooperation i sincerely doubt that they are after the twenty fifth we have to
reassess where we’re going to they’re not going to be cooperative i think we have to face senator reid
what can you get fifty one votes for let’s go and work backward from him laser this ever so those are illegal credibly watered-down and apparently
reconciliation you guys are asking for some small adjustments to it but not
large adjustments to it so what would you offer i i i think i think a large
chaplain let’s talk about somebody who make
thirty thousand dollars a year senate bill particular family of thirty
thousand dollars here innocent they all of that family would
have to pay upwards of twenty five hundred dollars a year for health
insurance the house bill they’d be on medicaid well that’s a big difference and i know
the union’s were guests excise tax and captive and that’s a big difference
out-of-pocket union if it could you know people that have worked hard
and given up wages in exchange for better benefits that are going to potentially find those
benefits taxed i think that something a lot of people
like so what’s if any further concessions would you
give the republicans after having already given them all these amendments
and all these concessions for free for nothing because you have no vote senate
now if they say hey look here’s what we’re looking for to you know we need
you to reach out how would you quotable reach out what further concessions would you give yeah i i don’t want to be specific about
now because why should we negotiate against urself nak i think the burdens on them to commend
say look here’s something we could support here’s what we can vote yes i don’t think the the expectation here is a baby friendly and safe fucking a friendly thing for the meeting
i think they got a different say what they would vote for and if they want to vote for leading insurance companies continue to
discriminate against people because they got sick in the past we can support that if if they want to say they’re going to
support leading forty seven million people
uninsured and hoping that someday things will get better which is what we’ve done
for forty years in this country we can support that but i think the burdens on them to
commence say what therefore people up people know what we’re for because we’ve gone through a seven-month
profiteer without a lot of both from a lot of the patron some people like over
for some people down but we’ve been pretty explicit about
that republicans have played you know the old
political game of the can’t everything and for nothing present would give them a chance he was there for final obviously then with other kinds of
rollins is from because first congressional district eric cantor john bainer basically said
you gotta start from scratch we accept they’ve just as you said absolutely
nothing and would like so this whole possible hopefully take several more
years and then sibling till in other ways i’m reading into their states a
little bit uh… give a response to senator adams are represented candor
observing into my response would be power bill had two provisions that
insurance companies can’t discriminate against somebody like cancer or or guide
idea for you for that project our bill had to prevention that someone
who cleans houses for a living can get on medicaid for you for that or against
it all this nonsense about starting all over and a fresh
bipartisan process that with politicians say when they don’t want to to anything we want to do the things that will make
this country better and i think specifically here about a couple of
let’s he would rather where they are whether therefore these are not let’s let’s radar and the low yes or no subplot abundance one obvious follow-up
to that is if they’re not are you guys are on ads saying hey you know what uh… john bainer is a guy who you know prevented you from getting health care
if you have a pre-existing condition what prepara preferable try to pass a
bill that fixes it and that we’re not were dot simply doing
this is an exercise programs that the preview we want to get this problem
solving yet in in the fall if if the campaign’s about the failure
to pass health care will will feel the public thinks they’ll get the job absolutely and i don’t see them as a
matter of all i’d like to get more democrats elected i would ffxi i say the ads in terms of
look this could be a political price to pay if you don’t vote with us and that’s
how you really get bipartisan you know that and listen these guys in the
trapped in their own statement for all over the record land that they want to lower costs and they want to get more
people juror they want to reign in the peace of insurance company practice what
they want people but for italian one example doesn’t get it done uh… and i wanna see what they were
really are willing to do and where they really stand on these issues there you have it congressman rob
andrews from new jersey thank you so much for your welcome we’d like to be
back with you get suggests for the subscribe to do what do you not only