the washington independent has done a
great story here and what they did was they said hey you
know it’s interesting because they were published keeps saying the delta we can’t give government money
to the big three to bail them out because hey he can’t make it in the free
market that’s tough day for you that means that you know you couldn’t
hack it and you should go on there and you should take that really large
union with you wink wink minnesota and apply probably three is all the
money that they’re giving to the unions united auto workers and did it didn’t so much more money their counterparts i_d_’s transplant companies will be
called the transport companies these are the chertoff honda uh… b_m_w_ mercedes will citing a
setter that have startup factories the southern states that’s funny coincidence that it turns
out gets the republican senators from those same exact southern states we’re looking to tell the big three but i think in the ballot and one of the day faces have we can to
get a government handouts these car companies they gotta make it on their
own sold the watchman depended did business with that’s
interesting i thought i remembered the big guy government and that’s the kind of those
other states so they would be a little research and loan them all in richard shelby leading the charge
invested a lot republican senator from alabama has a couple of uh… transplants factories in alabama mercedes-benz in nineteen ninety three how did they get there the state of alabama offered them hundred and fifty three million dollars in state or local tax breaks worker
training and win approval for honda alabama did something
somewhere they have been a sweetener in nineteen ninety nine beginning their plant down there and if you’re a hundred and fifty eight million dollars and then when they wanted to do an
expansion of the plan three years later the state of alabama given another let
me know you know well it’s okay that some bad how about
in two thousand one whatsoever not the company with uh… twenty nine million dollars in tax payer
gets so alabama gives another twenty nine
million dollars what happened to an end without the governments hope i thought these for companies were such genius is that
they didn’t need the governor’s office interesting or let’s keep going how about that tennessee where bob
corker another republican senators that body it’s all about look and next day gave rents writing as stormy line honduran and seventy seven million
dollar deal to relocate their plant down there land deals for uh… parks tax breaks to
set up five hundred and seventy seven million dollars in just a state of tennessee to get of we’ll try to put a lot of
people wondered it is that even make economic sense we know they’ll idea
behind you bring the plant you get jobs your people there and it pays off for you in the long run the senate consulate in and say on an issue that a sophomore and meanwhile the same time in other parts of the state they’re laying off people and uh… they
are cutting people off from medicare rules now for example in of in tennessee for the same time to review some plant
went down there two thousand five and got a hundred and ninety seven
million dollar gift these are all different plants okay they cut one
hundred seventy thousand low-income adults from their medicaid rules now those two things that exactly
related but it does that make you go often as to where this money’s going and
what’s not going nineteen ninety two south carolina got a
b_m_w_ plant four hundred fifty million dollars and georgette gotta kia plant of
four four hundred fifty million dollars in mississippi in two thousand three
nissan dot lord at with a three hundred and sixty three
million dollar deal from those states so how come telling me about how they
didn’t get any money from the government as for number one whatever tourist what we’ve got a cover as far as the big
three percent g_m_ ford or chrysler american companies have to cover the
health benefits and retirement benefits for their workers well those benefits are covered for their local workers in toyota and
honda uh… in and lexus nissan and i know
they’re umbrella groups that are going on that in japan they’re covered by the
government so many more lives institutional advantage there and it’s not i think that the government
doesn’t help ’em it does to cover those benefits for their workers in japan now when you come over here dot i promise g_m_ and ford and chrysler been around a
lot long swing a lot more people retire you know that there are four times as many retirees that g_m_
has but they pay pensions for as the number workers when they say all of g_m_ pays our work
is an average of seven dollars an hour that is not true at all that number is their current workers
their benefits and although we tell you the which are an enormous amount of people whereas those transplants down the south they don’t have retirees visit him in the nineteen
nineties the nineteen nineties and into thousands when they say that it’s because of the
united auto workers that’s not true at all it has all that was that a small part of it yes ok
but is that the major thing absolutely not if you look at the numbers and when they say hey look these transfers of data government money as wat hundred-percent not true the reason the republicans are
telling you that is one they want to kill the unions they want more business to come down
south i don’t know visit also walked by me and
that’s probably overblown but they want more business to come to
the south look i’ll tell you what it is she was on
the other foot you know their bodies have been calling
democrats who do that on american for killing american companies put some thought behind