off on that nine twenty nine or is this could have
better days before that date money was sponsored a show he said quote this bill would not have been agreed you
had it not been for john mccain there’s a bipartisan accomplishment bipartisan success if people want to get
something done awash in and then just watch john mccain he’s got a guy who’s
name is at the top of the major piece of legislation for a long time hoots make you might know what a way to see
the past first and when it didn’t pass nazi evil looks pretty damn although at times it was because it’s
not ok it’s all good things dot or didn’t pass with ching all right here’s another one from
station at one of the topic vices john mccain on meet the press and the day
early on sunday was set a date and he was able you was
to help repair the parties to the table including the house republicans whose
clothes were needed to pass this dukes said didn’t bring them to the table it didn’t pass specimen because john mccain couldn’t lead now house
republicans chris matthews talking to uh… another vacated by sir past
midnight he can’t bring in two-thirds of his republicans two-thirds of the republic
began snus if you think his brain a little bit more
than a third of the republican vote in favor of this what does that tell you
about his leadership man tells his leadership is their dismal non-existent convenient for the republic’s to go
along with media spokesperson said a couple days
before that on friday welcome as the senate meeting will bring house
republicans are more without driving all the parties away result in a successful
bill for the american taxpayer these know that