disparaged the the left watson for those of you don’t speak french is
the french is the um… redfish uh… in atlanta and of the uh… the good the curve rolling jubail the is holding
fund-raising on my at apparently it’s sold out uh… not terribly helpful for you folks alan to know that is going
on dave d uh… the rolling to believe will put a
link up on uh… on the site party raise a hundred and twenty nine
thousand dollars which will be enough to buy two point
five million dollars worth of defaulted loans there are a lot of sort of mechanical
issues that we did have a chance to get into
with uh… david that i’ll all hoping to talk to someone over the next week or so maybe after thanksgiving as to what’s involved with this issues
like if you buy up someone’s debt and then relieve them of that debt by sending a certificate essentially
which is what the plan here by saying that uh… we are not going to collect on
this debt or basically giving you the money that you l back to you u_s_ that person whose debt has been
relieved r_u_ liable for that uh… in terms of taxes because you’re getting a gift in kind of
some sort that’s there’s there’s many other
questions that’s one of the more prominent ones i think the important thing to keep in
mind here is not that the rolling jubilee is going to relieve in a broadbased way uh… americans of their debt for what i think it’s going to do is
beginning or to continue this process of people
reexamining and their relationship to the debtors i
mean you know it is there is a there is a
sort of like there is the same quality and it was lawyer matthew passion sam
hemant tell david gray births but it was lawyer matthew semi that
emailemail road members will will be there are quite aware of of lawyer
matthews of the semi that do you know when i was
asking about this uh… who whose reaction to debt words like most
about and there’s the same quality that we
have to death laura matthews theories on the nine out uh… the same relationship that we have to
get in the same way that like back in the middle ages you know the
peasants had to the king’s you know it’s a divine there’s some
attorneys like it it is in a and a priori relationship it it’s not we don’t even question the notion of of of whether or not debt is in this type
of debt that we find ourselves is legitimate um… on some level this it could be argued that people are in india in many respects
it’s a form of blackmail uh… if you want to survivor have the
opportunity for certain things you gotta go into debt for it certainly in the case of medical techniques we know that over
fifty percent of bankruptcies are function of that uh… you know what are you gonna do are you can walk out of a hospital do you take a child out of the hospital because you’re not gonna be alert pay
this and you know you’re not going to go to bed i mean that would be
theoretically the moral thing to do right and so i think you know the best thing about this uh… rolling jubilee side for those people who are lucky
enough to have their debt pot and apparently they’re starting exclusively with medical debt coups that it will cause a week sam ination i
mean we’re just at the beginning of this box we are just at the beginning of this and and lucky you know the responsible people in washington will say that the idea of perceiving debt as a legitimate as breaking your promises to play your credit card company that is
charging a twenty twenty five percent interest is though most of them ratcheting new
doing incidentally we’re still responsible they were not cut your cost of living
increases and so she carried in the future that promise we can break uh… we’re gonna bail out uh… the bondholders for general motors but that promise for
your pension in your health care to unions that we can break well you know that we have given promises to union members who work for municipal governments about their pension but that one we can
break that’s not get that we are and so intel contemplate it wire there two sets of rules for promises and debts