and now for our finds out of the day women
romney’s legendary flip-flop on auto bailouts the man who’s there was a terrible idea is now trying to take credit for it for you kidding me this might be the biggest con job we’ve ever
see yesterday chrysler paid back nearly six billion
dollars in the u_s_ government as a major chunk of what receiving auto bailout
g_m_ had already we paid its entire alone they’re both profitable malachi m recently
having a great quarter so with these car companies roaring again
that would seem to be a pretty clear vindication of president mama’s decision pull on the company’s
money and by the way the same hundreds of thousands obs here in the united states so he can win the democratic national committee probably a little bit employees at who was
wrong still poses particular bailouts from tomorrow general motors gordon price or get the bailout
that their chief executives at for yesterday yuqing since the american automotive industry
goodbye did you write a check in and a lot of business but now romney’s camp is arguing that it was their idea to save the car companies carmel odd how can they possibly say that rodney spokesman told the new york times today
quotes mitt romney had no idea first you have to acknowledge that he was advocating for course of action that eventually though obama administration
adopt it liked they say was running a good idea to push the
companies into bankruptcy first but that’s what i work already that was the first thing
that happened under the president’s plan then they got the money to revive those companies
which mit romney one hundred percent disagree with as and apparently was one hundred percent
wrong about it is just a lot cheryl u_s_c_ the headline
for on these new york times editorial where he lay out his original plan the editorial is called quote lead detroit gone bankrupt now if you want to take credit for the resurgence after calling them plan tragic now do you see why some of the conservative
movement also find this guy to be a joke mit romney screen ticketless effort to rewrite history easily are finds out of the day