It came by text and it was
a pretty astonishing moment. Remember that only a few
weeks ago I was running for the leadership of the
Conservative party, against Boris Johnson and
I was in the cabinet and it’s all gone very quickly
in six weeks. It feels a little bit like something
that one associates with other countries. One opposes the leader,
one loses the leadership race, no longer in the cabinet
and now apparently thrown out of the party
and out of one’s seat too. – Along with 20 other
politicians, who weren’t deterred by the ultimatum
on expulsion. Do you think other MPs and
ministers in the Conservative party, were they supportive of
your position? – Yes, there are at least
30 or 40 MPs who agree with this entirely
but who didn’t vote with us, partly because the threat
that’s being made here is terrible for people. It’s not just that they’re being
threatened with losing their incomes and their jobs,
but people feel deeply loyal towards the Conservative
party, they want to give the prime minister a chance. They don’t want to bring in a
Jeremy Corbyn government, so he’s been able to use
all of that, and indeed as you heard with Hugh Merriman,
he’s been promising people that he can get a new deal out
of Brussels but the truth is there is absolutely, and never
has been, any majority, either in the country,
or in parliament, for no deal.