Russia has agreed to buy 15 billion U.S. dollars
of securities from its cash-strapped neighbor, Ukraine,…. essentially bailing the country
out. Moscow will also supply Kiev with natural
gas at a knock down price. Connie Kim reports. Dealing a blow to Brussels
in its tussle over Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has inked a deal with his Ukrainian
counterpart Viktor Yanokovich, under which Moscow will buy 15-billion dollars worth of
Ukrainian government bonds and slash the price of natural gas supplied to the country.
Ukraine will be able to purchase gas from Russia’s mostly state-controlled Gazprom at
2-hundred-68 dollars per one-thousand cubic meters,… which is roughly 30-percent lower
than its previous price of four-hundred dollars. The deal, signed in Moscow Tuesday, comes
after Ukraine said it needed at least 10-billion dollars to avoid bankruptcy.
The two leaders say the agreement will be mutually beneficial and reverse the decline
of trade between the two countries. In Kiev Tuesday, some 50-thousand pro-European
Union protesters gathered in the city’s main square,…. saying the Russian bailout will
harm the country’s independence. Leaders of the opposition parties coordinating
the protest said they will continue on with their demonstrations.
The protests were sparked by the government’s last minute decision to suspend plans to sign
an integration pact with the European Union in favor of closer ties with Russia.
Connie Kim, Arirang News.