Hi, My name is Ryan Mains and I’m running for trustee for the Huntley Fire Protection District. A little bit about myself I was raised in Burlington, Illinois where at the age of 18, I joined the Burlington Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter EMT. From there, I enlisted in the United States Army and spent four years in Fort Benning, Georgia as a combat medic, with two tours through Kuwait and one through Iraq. After getting out of the Army, I moved back to McHenry County Shortly after that, I was hired on the Woodstock Fire Rescue District as a career firefighter paramedic, where I’ve worked for the past 11 years. In 2012, I moved to Huntley with my wife Danielle and our son Jude. In 2015, we had our daughter Lucy. Although I’ve only lived in Huntley for a short amount of time, I’ve fallen in love with the village. From the park districts and the schools, to the businesses and the people, it’s everything I’ve wanted in a place to raise a family. The Huntley Fire Protection District is a good organization and with your help, I believe I can make it better. So remember, vote for me, Ryan Mains, for Huntley Fire Protection District Trustee on April 4, thank you.