I have two that are, I think, groundbreaking
as far as I’m concerned. When I first became a trustee, eight years
ago, this committee met once a year. So I found that it didn’t have any weight
to it. And so the first year I was on it, we changed
it to four per year, and that was a huge accomplishment. And getting people more involved and I love
that committee. I’ve chaired it for several years and it’s
just such an amazing coming together. You know, I always say there’s always room
in the circle for everyone. And the other accomplishment is the land acknowledgement. We worked on that quite a bit and, you know,
we did it to be respectful. Because we do work with two First Nations
bands, and so it’s important that these students can see themselves everywhere, and hear about
it, and other students need to learn about it too. So I think with the land acknowledgement,
that’s been pretty amazing and we got a lot of help from Rama First Nations and some elders,
to make sure we got it right. And that we are respecting the land and the
first peoples who were here and just, it’s an educational tool but it’s also in my heart
and I think it was very important it was done.