[ Music ]>>I started off at
Behrend as an engineer, and I quickly learned that
engineering wasn’t for me. So I had been working for a
chiropractor in high school, and I just decided
that that was my niche. I’m a biology major,
and after Behrend, I plan on attending
chiropractic college. And after chiropractic
school, I would really like to work with a sports team. In high school, I really
followed the Pittsburgh Pirates, and even though they
haven’t gotten to the World Series,
I’m still a big fan. So working for them
is like my dream job.>>I began as an
accounting major. Accounting was something that
I had worked in previously and thought, “This is a nice, stable job with a
nice, stable income.” I do enjoy accounting, and
I enjoy that type of work. What I like even more than
that is helping people. My goal is to go for my
master’s in student affairs, and I want to be
a career counselor or an academic advisor
in a college setting.>>When I found out that I
received the Roberge Trustee Scholarship, I was
very surprised. I was so grateful to be
given just that boost in my financial aid,
but it’s more than that. It’s the feeling
that somebody cares. It’s the feeling that somebody
believes that you can do this.>>It’s hard to pay for college,
so when you get some extra help, you know, you take
advantage of it.>>The Roberge Trustee
Scholarship has enabled me to really have a full
experience of Penn State Behrend with working less and being able
to focus on my studies more. I’ve had the opportunity to
thank Bill and Shirley Roberge, and I do thank you again. I really appreciate
your confidence in me.>>Having the scholarship
helped me out through college. I didn’t have to work as hard. I had a part-time job on
campus, but it still allowed me to have time to focus on my
studies and also have time to, you know, have some
fun and participate in extracurricular activities.>>Penn State Behrend, they
have a great engineering school, a great business school,
liberal arts and science. You know, to educate
the kids or youth coming up in the Erie community,
you know, in those disciplines is going to
add enormously to the economic and cultural vitality
of the Erie area.>>We have two children at Penn
State, so we have been able to see firsthand the benefits,
you know, of the education, which has prompted us to want
to allow more children to, you know, attend Penn
State and to prosper from the education, as well.>>When a student
graduates from Behrend, and you hear all
these great stories — you know, the kids
coming out of Behrend with the engineering degrees — you know, they’re
scooping these kids up. The value of the education and
the quality of the education at Behrend is allowing all these
kids to succeed in their lives. [ Music ]