how’s it going guys it’s Nick this
review is gonna be on The Debt Collector so if you’re not aware off the film I’ve just done a
little video I thought accident man he increased his
acting skills quite a lot and then with debt collector this is definitely a
massive increase in terms of how he’s portraying his character how he’s got
the great chemistry with Lois and so yeah he’s really upped his game on this
one Lois is awesome in this one reminds me a
little bit of Don Johnson mixed with Kevin Costner with the look that has
gotten the bill and him and Scott really play off each other really really well
especially when they’re in the car and they’re just going back and forth with
some of their rare insults and in terms of the directing so Jessie I thought he
was either brilliant with accident man and again the quality of this film is
just increased massively so you wouldn’t really think it’s a straight-to-dvd film
with this one and I love all the aerial shots Jessie’s done and I think Jessie
Stu Small’s as the writer and Scott a really really smash nerd the minute
they’re on fire okay so the fights on this one
the first by in the dojo I really like this one and the setting of it the
lighting coming into the dojo and it’s you’ve done a three-way 5in accident man
with grey Park and Michael Jai White I feel this one to me was
that’s a 5-bit more grounded felt a bit more impactful where’s the accident one
fibers have been more flushing for the kicks you’re the fight that I really
liked was the debt and Scots fighting the big guns in another big guy comes in
my favorite one was where they went to the bar Scott again taking taking the
beatings and but what I found was really effective was the toothpick I was
stubborn in with that really really great can actually feel a
bit more rather than all the flashy stuff so yeah the past in this one don’t
be expecting any Boyka fights for me this film is more about the active
really really just in terms of I don’t know if Jesse or Scott would be able to
confirm it but there was a scene where they talking about Louis’s character sue
being a ninja in one of the films and that was a little nod to Scott and was
also I’m sure there was a gallery to a shop called smalls then if that was a
nod to the writer it’s too small and there was also a scene in the bath I
which thought was a little take from American History X with the stamp on the
head I thought that was pretty close affinity when mimicked in that scene and
overall this was a fantastic film in terms of me knowing how the
straight-to-dvd films are behind the scenes but it’s difficult with budgets
time in just literally everything they pulled off but all something
and from there Universal Soldier was my top striking film and this one is mine
now number-one film for Scott and because Rob brings a friend glance to
the house this is a film that I can put on but they need someone who’s a big fan
of martial arts or action films this one is suited for everyone so yeah one
Scotty boom definitely recommend going out and purchasing film make sure that
you supporting it just because piracy is massive now and these films are reducing
by the day but yeah so just it’s got triple threat coming out with Scott going support it next coming up is news
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again I forgot to mention a few things of my initial review and so I’ll quickly
just want to do it on audio so one of the things would have been around a
scene with soo Louis where he’s talking about his background and for that was a
really great scene and that gave you a bit more insight to his character and I
thought that was a really really great moment for su and sharing what he’s
about another thing would just be a bit more around Scott sad acting and I feel
that Scott works a lot better using an English accent I think he when he does
his American one he probably has to think a lot more as he’s acting to try
and convey the words correctly with the English accent it just comes out so much
better flows a lot more and feel his characters were a lot better when he’s
got an English accent and the other one I want
to mention was the cows so a lot of people probably watch the film and go
what the hell are these about so when I first saw the mouse eye what’s going on
here but then you get to see what the meaning is behind them they’re more or
less a metaphor of the characters of French and suit service sort of where
where they currently are or what they’re doing the cows are representing French
and Su Su so I thought that was a really good take you don’t see that sort of
thing in straight-to-dvd films and I think
that is something that’s fresh for me some people probably think it’s weird or
it’s over the top for me something different and it’s not your same old
usual crap they see and some of their straight-to-dvd films and I also think
this is one of easily one of the best straight-to-dvd films that I’ve seen in
a very long time now down John Claude so yeah Overton
Hills review what’s going on guys and so too for what on this one that’s how much
we love our subscribers you know just get one reviewer you get two so we’re
reviewing the deck later as you’re probably aware and so the deck later
starts Parkins and lewis bangalore and is directed by jessica johnson now and
I’m a massive fan of skykans I’m gonna hide down this one’s slightly different
there’s a lot more rare there’s a lot more me to this one so there’s a bit
more of a storyline and it shows a bit more of his acting skills now one of the
things I really enjoyed about this movie was the chemistry between the two leads
so between French Frenchy mr. French and soo regardless mumble I think this sort
of situations that they find themselves in a quite comical and the way that they
sort of bounce off each other is brilliant so basically this new
character is the dude that’s going in there to take the money in and French is
there to be the shit up and basically which it does on a few occasions to
comical effect really night you know the fight scenes were really well made in
this one bit more realistic and so unfortunately not going to see mr. rat
is doing backflips off off walls and kicking people heads off and stuff
slightly disappointed bought it does make like the price bar realistic and so
it is really good I a bit more brutal fights as well really like the style of
this form of film as well parts about you know there were definitely in
she’s drawn from some Tarantino movies so I felt the touch of Reservoir Dogs
and a bit of Pulp Fiction in their wigwams which I really enjoyed some of
the I saw really Barbosa and the Barbosa character was played by Candyman which
that guy still scared the shit out me want to see you know so it was good to
see him in there yeah it was really really really well made there like a
little metaphor that was in there as well so he had the abattoir metaphor
that was running through the movie so the first couple of times like it’s sort
of hinted at it I’m like wow but then once it wraps up and the ending in it
all it all make sense soon as you see the ending Wilde is all thought it just
before the ending and we have four that look really really nice touch and so
overall yeah and love this movie I can’t believe this is like the quality of it
it’s not a TV film and I can imagine you know as we mentioned and in our accident
with you and we tend to have a very short production time on me so I imagine
the Bundys film are probably just a few weeks away just to see the quality is
really good so it’s made me really really excited for triple threat and
it’s coming up with Tony Jaa and Adkins and and everybody’s innovative and so
yeah like definitely would recommend this film because where you can in
America I believe it’s on Netflix as well you Jimmy Busters and so yeah get
on that as well and just a little thing as well like I can’t wait to see I think
every film that leads to it doing together at the minute just really good
and they seem to be getting there and so I think it’s one someone just needs to
just chalk a load of money on just to meet that
in project you know I mean if they would give me fifty million pounds to just go
out make up local stuff the imagine what will come out aged it’d
be amazing they were given time to make some things you know I mean like not
rush it I think I’d be min so yeah just food for
thought there your producer bitches so yeah that’s our thoughts on the debt
collector and if you you know you’ve seen the movie tell us what you think in
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