I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome all of you for the second day sessions.
First I want to answer your questions. Listen. I will give priority to all the questions
related to the sacred truths, sacred secrets I was explaining yesterday. I will give you
the gist again in a few minutes. First thing. You do not manifest what you
desire, but you manifest what you believe. You manifest what you perceive, you manifest
what you cognize. If you cognize struggle as you, if you believe you as a struggle,
you will manifest only that. If you believe, if you cognize , if you perceive, you as the
ups and downs you will manifest only that in your life. So the first basic truth, so
if you perceive yourself as a struggle, you will manifest only that— and you desire
health, wealth, joy, Completion, Enlightenment, stress-free, beautiful, blissful content life,
but you perceive you are not qualified for that, or that is not going to happen for you,
you are not capable of taking responsibility for that. Unfortunately you manifest what
you perceive, not what you desire. Unfortunately, you manifest what you believe,
not what you desire. Now this gap, struggle is what I call incompletions, mental patterns.
When the completion starts happening, your perception, your beliefs, become your desires.
Your desire and your belief becoming one, is what I call as Completion. Then simply
you start manifesting, what you want to manifest. Listen I am revealing one of the important
sacred secret Cosmic truth. Upanishad says, “If you reveal the Divine
secrets to unqualified people, your head will burst.” First when I read that, I thought,
oh this is just to frighten us. Actual problem in your life towards Enlightenment, higher
consciousness or to achieve anything you want to achieve, to realize your intention to be,
if you have missed today morning LSP, I recommend and request all of you to see today morning
the Living Shuddhādvaita Process it’s freely available. Please watch. Listen, that will
really help you. That is like a complementary session to this whole Secrets of Attracting
Wealth Program. I will give you an essence. Listen carefully. Whatever you want to be,
Enlightened, healthy, wealthy, whatever the actual work you need to do is on your fears.
Actual work you need to do is on your fears. You are working on many wrong things. You
think you need to work on your desires, you think you need to work on your Energy, You
think you need to work on your activism, you need to work on your intelligence, NO, I am
telling you intelligence is not informations, it is ability to handle information. That
comes only when you crack down your fears. In the path of Enlightenment, if fear is a
wall, desire is just a small rope hanging between two pole. Guilt, may be a small one
thorny bush in one corner which you many not even need to attend. Many things which you
many not even need to face, you go on wasting your time on it, working on it. Actually what
you need to face is you need to crack down on your fear. that is the most important wall
you need to break. Even here the Secrets of Attractive Wealth, the most import thing you
need to break is your fear. You need to crack is your fear. It’s for the courageous. Actually I see, from My own experience I tell
you, wealth worship the feet of courageous people. End of the whole secret. You may think
it looks too plain, too bland. Internalize your inner space. Intranalyze this truth,
use this truth as a weapon to beat yourself down. Understand, if you beat your self with
the truth, you will never collapse you will raise up. Wrong part of you will be broken,
destroyed. Not the right part. If you beat yourself with lies and luxuries you will unnecessarily
not only create powerlessness, you will be growing in wrong direction. Drill yourself
with this one truth. Actually you need to work on fear. Listen. Please come to the space of listening.
Listen. I told you the purpose of this is two thing. 1) To clean up the incompletions, patterns
you carry about the wealth and create a right space a powerful magnetic energy center in
you. To attract wealth, situations supporting you to create wealth, people supporting you
to create wealth making you like magnetic energy center. For manifesting the wealth
the way you want. Listen. I have done only the first step yesterday,
today I will do the second step now. Its not magic, some mantra, some Jaadu. NO, It’s a
clear science. Anything you decide as your perception, belief, cognition, intention,
life, you become magnetic energy center for that. That is why these psychiatrist are the
most… that is the profession more number of people become mad. No really. Psychiatrist
are the professions where the maximum number of people become mad. It is a statistic actually.
They need this punishment because this fellows make everyone believe they are mad. No recently
this stupid fellows this whole psychiatrist association has gone crazy. They declare every
human emotions has a disorder. No, just to bring whole world under their umbrella, as
their patients, they make everyone believe their patients and finally they become sick,
mad. Really. Listen, because anything you intend, you become energy center for it, you
become magnetic energy center for it. You become magnetic center for it. Now, consciously
decide, what you want to manifest in next three month in your wealth field. Please understand,
now I am going to awaked your kundalini shakti and concentratedly make it flow in the direction
of your wealth. I will make your intention now as an energy field for you. Next 3 months,
don’t even plan for some 30 years. NO. Next 3 months, what you want to do. Don’t even
plan with your abilities. Here just your abilities are not going to be working. My abilities
are also going to support you. So don’t have the restriction based on your ability. You
write clearly what is your intention, what is it you want to manifest in next 3 months
in the field of wealth. Whatever you think as wealth, sometime you may think more than
money currency, some person as a wealth for your life or some situation as wealth for
your life, some being active or whatever, whatever. Whatever you consider as your wealth,
sometime people feel even extra ordinary power as your wealth. Whatever you consider as your
wealth, you want to manifest, attract in the next 3-months please pen down. Decide very
consciously because I am going to stream your kundalini energy into this thought current
into your intention, so it will become reality. Please do not take it light. I bless you all. Let your desire become intention
and reality. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing
Living Shuddhādvaita Saivam the Eternal bliss Nithyananda, Thank you, Be Blissful .