are you wondering about selling out of
state property? How to sell estate property, and particularly probate house
for sale? That’s our topic today and we’re going to get started right after
this. ~INTRO~ Hi I’m Kim Ward real estate broker in San Diego California and expert at
helping executors and administrators with homes in probate. Are you wondering about selling out of state property? how to sell estate property, and particularly probate house sale process. We’re gonna talk that right now! Most executors
and administrators do not live in the city of the house that they are
responsible f or, the house of the loved one who has passed away. First thing I
have to share with you is please don’t be afraid of a long distance sale! And
the quicker you can find a new homeowner for the home the faster you will stop
having to pay the mortgage, and to take on the responsibilities of a vacant
house, and all of the expenses including taxes, insurance, and upkeep. First thing
you want to think about is the personal property. You want to pack up all the
things that you, or the loved ones, or friends of the decedent are going to
want to keep. For the things that you are going to want to keep there are some
options, such as shipping. If you’re going to be shipping things like books or CDs,
any kind of printed material there are less expensive ways to ship that type of
material. Just give me a call and I’ll explain that in detail more to you. If
you’re going to be keeping a lot of your loved ones personal property your better
option may be a truck, or maybe one of those pods. And once you’ve removed all
the things, the mementos, and the things that you would like to have, then it’s
time to address the remaining personal property. You have three options:
you can have an estate sale; have a buyout; or you can donate items. To
receive your free copy of my personal properties “Do’s, Don’ts, and Options” stay
to the end of this video I’ll provide a link *LINK IN DESCRIPTION BOX BELOW* While you’re here going through the personal property you might want to contact a handyman to address some cost-effective repairs, such as paint, or fixing any
plumbing issues, or even perhaps doing some carpeting. You want to do
cost-effective repairs, if it’s possible, so that the house presents to the home
buyer in its best light, but at a minimum price. When you’re selling a home out of
state this is one time where you really don’t want to go alone.
You want to obtain a team that can help make things easier for you. Another thing
you want to consider is getting the house cleaned. Having the house cleaned
makes a big difference on how buyers will perceive it. A clean house
translates into a well cared-for home. Are you starting to feel a little bit
overwhelmed already? That’s understandable and there’s a way that
you can press the easy button! Simply surround yourself with a team that you
can trust and let them do the heavy lifting for you. You may already have a
probate attorney, if you don’t that’s the first person you should put on your team, an experienced probate attorney. Next on the team is your real estate agent.
The reason you want to get a trusted team is if you live close by that’s fine
it’s not difficult for you to handle all the details that your loved ones home is
going to need, but a $600 plane ticket over and over again can become costly.
Plus, it’s interrupting your life, so if you get yourself a trusted team that
will keep you informed of what’s happening all along the way
you make the decisions, they implement and do that heavy lifting for you, you’re
going to be much better off and probably feel more comfortable with the whole
process. So, once you have your probate attorney then you want to hire a realtor,
that is an expert with helping with homes that are in probate. That way
you’ve got a strong advocate in your corner to help guide you through the
entire process. You may or may not know that 20% of licensed real estate agents
help 80% of the people. So, you want to find someone that’s trustworthy
and knowledgeable, to guide you through that whole process, instead of just
picking someone randomly. And since you are not living in the same state as the decedent’s home you want to pick someone that is
technologically savvy. That can help to make things easier, by handling many
things through email. Including when it’s time for you to sign documentation, much
of the documentation can be signed via electronic signatures. I happen to use a
program called DocuSign. You want someone who can text you, if that’s what you want,
or call you on the phone and give you updates on a regular basis. I have found
that when I call my clients they feel really comfortable, and it’s a few
minutes conversation. Versus other agents have shared with me when their clients
are unhappy it’s a 15-minute phone call. Well, I always want to avoid that because
I want you to feel comfortable throughout the process, in fact you
shouldn’t even have to travel back and forth. I have helped many clients and
I’ve met with them once and then we handle everything via email, phone calls
and DocuSign. You don’t want to have to travel back and forth to handle all the
minutia that is included with selling a house. You also want a realtor who has a
great title and escrow company, because when you receive your escrow document
it’s a big thick package you want people available to help you, to walk you
through all those documents. If you happen to live in the same area as the
home of the decedent you could easily go into the escrow company and sign
everything and get it notarized. If you don’t, my escrow company will send you a
mobile notary directly to you at your home or your office, or you can go ahead
and get the documents notarized wherever you would like. But, many of my clients have called me when they receive the big fat package of
escrow documents and say “I don’t know how to fill these out.” that’s when I make
sure that my escrow company reaches out to my clients and helps them line by
line to fill out the documents. Are you wondering about taxes? I frequently
receive a question about taxes from my client. Now it’s important that you know
that the property will be appraised as of the date of death, that’s your
baseline number. I can share a few things with you, but I
am NOT licensed I’m not a tax expert, so I always recommend that you speak to
someone who can give you accurate answers about any type of taxes that may
be due upon the sale of the property. My purpose is for you to get the answers to
all your questions, and have facts, so that you can make good decisions. I hope
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