Hey man, Yo, what’s good man? Eh, nothing much. What have you been doing all day? Playing this game called Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. Hack and Slash game with anime girls, anime girl ninjas as well. Pretty good! kinda does sound pretty lit man, you mi– oh… Dee, what is that? *sigh* Senran Kagura… Dee, what the fuck is that?! Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, and you just came at the wrong time! What the fuck did i tell you about taking game recommendations from Lost Pause?! Dude what the fuck?! Leave me alone man, they’re of age! Leave me alone its– you just came at the wrong time! Of age, of age where?! In the UK… Oh.. I– Ivan, Ivan! Where are you going? Luke! Get the Weeb Belt! Not the Weeb Belt! Luke! Ivan! Its back! Its back! Hack and Slash shit nigga! Yo, I don’t know what it is but, *Belt snap* I kinda feel like my ancestors are cheering me on right now. Okay, I think you should give me the belt. Why? You– you’re kind of enjoying this a little too much. It’s weird. Just give me the belt. Enjoying this– Ivan, I’m not enjoyi– Luke… Luke give me the belt Ivan– Give me the belt! We’re hitting him because he’s a pedo not because he’s black, Jesus. See, what did I tell you?! Hack and Sla–ah shit… Is that a child?! Wait, this ain’t even the same game… The fuck? Dee i swear to God, this belt may be a Louis, but I’m gonna make you scream like a Louise! Come on! Aw shit! Now Senran Kagura is a series that is usually only talked about in passing. As a series that markets towards the dirty weebs that look at anime titties all day. And that my friends, is exactly what it is. Thanks for watching guys! Nah, I’m just joking. Now to be truthful their target audience may be that to an extent I mean who doesn’t love big anime titties being forced into their face at any given moment I mean some people care about anime titties so much, they’ll complain on Twitter about someone wearing a sports bra that restricts said titties By the way, Tifa looks beautiful no matter what. Go outside, you fucking virgins. But would you believe me if I told you that senran kagura was a fanservice game with actual substance? *Gasp* Yes, indeedy I just said that! forget your Dead or Alive. Forget your Galgun! Forget your Arcana Heart! Forget your skull girls! When it comes to plot inside of plot, Senran kagura knows how to deliver on all fronts and how you ask the game with the question stop And ‘how?’ you ask? Again with the questions. Stop BLOODCLOT commenting before you finish a video, you clapped Donny. Senran Kagura is a series developed by tamsoft and published by marvelous entertainment to bring us the marvelous titties. Oh, that was terrible. No, I’m taking it out of the script It was first released on the 3DS around 2011 but then moved to the PlayStation The timelines for the Nintendo 3DS Versions of the first two games burst and deep crimson are a bit different to the later games Burst Renewal, Shinobi Versus, Estival Versus, and Peach Beach Splash. So I’ll be mostly talking about the Versus timeline. And yes, PBS is actually canon I dont fucking know. The main premise of this story is that all these girls from these ninja schools are trying to achieve the rank of Kagura, Which is basically the divine rank that is tasked to defeat demons called Yoma. The world is set and is based around three academies. We have the first school we’re introduced to in the series Hanzo national academy. In this school we have our poster girl and basically main heroine, Asuka, the granddaughter of the founder of the academy, Hanzo Then we have Yagyū, Hibari, Ikaruga, and Katsuragi. Next we have the psuedo-villains of the series. Hebijo Clandestine girls academy, which used to be classed as the rival school of Hanzo Academy consisting of Ryōbi, Ryōna, Murasaki, Imu, and the leader Miyabi We then have our elite school Gessen Girls Academy that is introduced in the second game of the Versus Series. In this school we follow the elite class consisting of Shiki, Minori, Yozakura, Murakumo, and the leader of the group, *sigh* Worst girl, Yumi. Who pushed Homura off of being the poster girl, alongside Asuka, Because apparently japan has no taste at all *Spits* Moving on. And finally we have the former Hebijo students turned renegade for killing the school’s top investor, Dōgen. The crimson squad. The Runaways include Yomi, Hikage, Mirai, Haruka, and the leader. and best girl Homura! Yes. This is best girl. I don’t made the rules. Oh wait. Yes, I do Its my fucking video. Now as you can see the cast of characters are all diverse and stand out by themselves Thanks to the artwork of the Yaegashi Nan. The amount of waifus to choose from is immense The game is basically full of best girls Wait, wait, except you, Yumi. *Spits* Prick. Fuck you. Suck your mom. *Dee’s Laughs* Even though these characters look like evil boobie monsters in the eyes of some each character has their own Motivation and vibrant personality that makes each and every one of them endearing. Characters in this game aren’t just shallow One-dimensional tropes. don’t let their appearances deceive you. Since they are Shinobi, death is still a primary theme when it comes to each backstory Some darker than others. For example, Miyubi lost her mother due to her own idiocy and used a forbidden art that caused her to go into a Rampage and killing enemies and allies alike Katsuragi’s parents failed a mission and had to forfeit their lives because of it, but instead of facing their punishments They became renegade ninjas and ran away Abandoning Katsuragi in the process. These girls are being through some shit Let me tell you that! and that’s just only scraping this surface just so I can make the ten minute mark in this video Seriously, I keep getting Demonetized. I need the money help me! Donate to the Patreon, please. Moving on fromt the cast. Let’s talk about gameplay It’s a simple hack and slash that focuses on fighting waves of grunts and then fighting the boss of said stage. This is where things get bare bones. The game plays a spectacle when it comes to the flashy jutsus But everything else is lacking substance, especially since the best jutsus are unlocked later on in the game like Homura’s crimson mode but I think we all know where the budget of the game went to… Yeah, this isn’t a game you can play with your parents around. peach beach splash is something different But it acts as a boring third-person shooter full of bullshit power-ups I can only play it for an hour ’till I get bored But since the game is canon I guess I have to push through it now, won’t I? There’s a lot of negative stigma when it comes to these sort of games, even amongst other anime fans I mean no one really wants to be associated with the mouth-breathing smelly weeb that is asking your favorite cosplayer for feet pics This video is to say that it’s okay to like Senran Kagura. The series is actually quite wholesome when it comes to how much they cherish each other and their friendship together Each character has a set of goals that bring them together and their own trials and tribulations Honestly for me the titties and the characters behind them is what keeps me interested in the series. On top of them setting up for an interesting path story wise in the next game. I honestly can’t wait So when your mom beats you for your weird titty games just know that you have an ally Senran kagura is a good series and I stand by that statement Just… just don’t be fucking weird, okay? Please just don’t be fucking weird See guys? I told you. Senran Kagura is just not about the anime titties It’s about the engaging gameplay and the deep personalities of the characters Not sponsored by the way Yeah, I guess you were right. Sorry we uh, aimed for your balls… No problem… we’ll outpopulate you soon enough anyway. I kinda hate to admit it, but I think I kinda like this game. mmmhmm! I told you, nigga. Do you mind if I get next round? Yeah, sure thing. I’m playing Miyubi right now. But feel free to select any character you want–oh… Wow… Tha-that’s extra. That is Extra *group* Yeah… Playing Senran Kagura with a bunch of niggas is not the best idea to be honest. I see that now. Oh shit..? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling kinda horny~! *Group* Yonkou! Alright nigga, get off. Yo I’m not playing hentai with a bunch of niggas, fuck that shit. I forgot what we were saying. Oh well… more for me now! *Dee’s Laughter* Guess you were right. I’m sorry we aimed for your balls Oh dont worry, I’m gonna impregnate your sister anyway. *Luke dies* *Group laughter* Ha ha, black power! *Yonkou from the back* YES!