Welcome to 60 seconds with Sergio. I am your host Sergio Cabanas attorney-at-law, president, and founder of the Cabanas Law Firm. Thank you for joining me. One of the most important questions
I’m asked relates to whether or not an estate plan should focus only on death as opposed to disability. An estate plan should include three other important documents. Sometimes lawyers call them ancillary documents. A “living will” is a document
where you provide specific instructions as to how to handle certain events in
your disability. The other, second most important document is what’s called the “healthcare surrogate.” That’s where you designate somebody else to make important healthcare decisions about your medical care in the event of your disability. And finally, one of the most important documents relates to a financial power of attorney where you designate certain rights, or abilities, to somebody else will you know, like, and trust to make important financial decisions for you in the event of your disability. All of these documents are
just as important if not more important than your trust or your will because it
helps take care of you during your life. I hope that information was helpful for
you. Now remember, the purpose of these videos is to provide some general guidance on commonly asked questions. Of course, this is not a substitute for
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