Hello and welcome to 60 Seconds with
Sergio. I am your host Sergio Cabanas founder of the Cabanas Law Firm here in Pembroke Pines, Florida. So, I’m often asked, Sergio, my spouse has already hired an attorney. Should I Hire an Attorney Too? Of course I’m an attorney my short answer but honest answer is yes, you should have an attorney. At least to review the paperwork before it’s finalized. Whenever just one attorney is involved in representing the spouses in a divorce there’s an inherent what we call conflict of interest, which means that the interests of your spouse versus your interest are at least in a theoretical level, opposed to one another. When it comes down to finalizing your paperwork and reviewing the final decision as to whether or not you should sign a settlement agreement, you
understand what you’re waiving and you understand what you’re entitled to so
that you reach the best agreement possible. Of course, if you decide that you’re not willing once you realize all you’re entitled to and what you’re signing, you always have the option of help having that attorney negotiate better terms and conditions for you in the hopes of being able to reach a fair
and equitable settlement for your divorce. It’s an important process, so keep in mind it’s always good to have a lawyer help. I hope this information was helpful for you. Now remember, the purpose of these videos is to provide some general guidance on commonly asked questions. Of course this is not a substitute for a personal face-to-face consultation with an attorney who can review the specifics of your case and learn more about how
the law will apply to a specifics of your case. We here at the Cabanas Law Firm stand ready, willing, and able to help you in every way we can. So, if you’d like to watch any more videos relating to divorce feel free to click right here. Thank you again for watching 60 seconds with Sergio. We wish you well as always and Thank You and Good Luck.