♪ Bymaster Bankruptcy, makes it easy to file bankruptcy ♪ To be or not to be, that is the question whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer – Hey John Oh yes? We had a client who just came in and were asking if they should sign a reaffirmation agreement? To sign or not to sign, that is the question. And just to be a little more serious, that really is the question to sign or not to sign because a reaffirmation agreement is signing on a new promise to repay the debt, it is saying yes again or re-affirming on the debt. Once you sign that agreement, you become personable liable to that debt once more. You see in bankruptcy, whether you’re trying to keep an item or let an item go, all of your debts are discharged except for some exceptions in the bankruptcy. That means you’re keeping the item or not, your liability for that debt will be removed every time. Now there’s more aspects then this for reaffirmation agreement so for the real question is whether you should sign a reaffirmation agreement or not, you need to refer to an attorney about that or come in for a free consultation and we’ll help you file for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Thanks for the poetic reminder Shakespeare. ♪ Bymaster Bankruptcy has everything! ♪