I didn’t create the Budget Mom to make a dollar. I didn’t create the Budget Mom to start a business. I did it to build a community, to find other moms and women out there who knew my struggle when I came to them and said, ‘Hey, I’m dealing with this today. It’s getting me down.’ I wanted someone to understand where I was coming from. And as I was searching for my tribe, they were searching for me. My name is Kumiko Love and I am the creator and owner of thebudgetmom.com, and I’m also an accredited financial counselor. So the budget mom was really inspired by essentially my struggle with money management. So I created my first blog post in 2016, basically out of desperation, just wanting to share information. And essentially, that’s when the budget mom was born. So the $77,000 in debt that I paid off in eight months was, it was made up of three things, student loans, a car payment, and credit cards. I didn’t really see any significant progress in paying off debt until I turned a huge passion of mine, which is the Budget Mom and building this amazing community. And all of a sudden this side hustle turned into this very successful business. And it wasn’t an, I would say probably towards the beginning of 2018, late 2017 is when I really started making significant debt payments and saw significant progress in paying it off. This was the key to my success. This was my ‘aha’ moment and I took them all and I wrapped them all up into one system, which I now call the ‘budget by paycheck’ method. And it’s what I use to and I still use it to budget my money every single time I am paid. And it’s essentially the one thing that kept me dedicated on track to pay off my debt. So it’s the calendar method. It’s the paycheck method. And it’s the cash envelope method, of course, wrapped into a bunch of other little steps along the way, a step by step process. One is awareness. It’s time to open up your eyes and look at what your spending is telling you. In fact, until you know where your dollars are going, until you are tracking your spending. I don’t feel like anyone should even start writing numbers on a piece of paper for their budget. Number two, when it comes to paying off debt, is discovering your why. Now, I am talking about your purpose on this journey. That one thing where giving up is no longer an option. You should feel so much emotion that it lights a fire under you. That’s what your purpose should mean to you because you’re going to get to those days where it’s like, what’s the point? The next thing I think is, knowing that it’s a self discovery journey. Knowing that you have to learn what type of person you really are. So I think asking those hard questions and learning about what type of learner are you and what are the things that keep you motivated. If I can do anything, I think evoking feeling is something that I’m always going towards because without feeling something, you don’t take action. So I want to inspire my readers to feel something. I don’t care if it’s anger or sadness or guilt, because without feeling those things, you’re
never going to take true action that’s going to lead to consistency and change. And so I think when you say, you know, how do I hope to inspire people, I hope to get them to feel something.