Nowadays, it is getting harder to find an ideal site for living and investment. Many people have realized the importance of site selection. But because of absence of scientific technology, reliable data source, many site selections become nightmares. What should we do? Here we are! SITERS! We provide consulting service for site selection to all levels of customers in need. Our service scheme includes two self-developed technology approaches. “Areal Database of Basic Function” and “Comprehensive Analysis and Evaluation System in Location Selection”. Compared to our competitors, SITER not only has independent technology, but also “Individualization Service and Personalization Marketing” to ensure our service is the best! Here is our working flow. Our mission is “to promote your interests by our best service”. For investors’ interests, SITER has a diversified profit model, which includes site selection consulting service, and site development assessment etc. Calculation indicates that SITER has a strong short-term solvency and profit abilities. We also have aversion strategy of risk management to protect our investors. Working with SITER, you can feel our professionalism and our passion. Come on! Let’s map your future!