Guys like this only have three options Dying, life in prison, or they start talking. Not on our American soil! Make them leave! This is our last gig. Why? I don’t want my kids to be around this. Hey Punks! What’cha looking at? You. We don’t tolerate stupidity. Got that? Yes sir! Do you have one that you regret? Some of ’em. Why, you got one you regret? What was your first one? Fred gave it to me. He took me in. I owe him. I think real family
don’t make you owe shit So, you’re a family man now, listen, talk to me perhaps. You know the bikies ain’t gonna like it! You’re better
than those racists. I don’t know what to do. In this business, you gotta stay focused. Or fall. Right down the rabbit hole. What if I take
all this stuff off and I am still a piece of shit? You have an out, right? I can help you. You don’t answer your phone, you don’t show up for meetings anymore. I don’t even know if you are a member. I don’t know what they are gonna do. You need to get the kids
and get out of here. It’s time for
you to come back home. I am not going back. No. You have no choice. This is my family! You are still
breathing ’cause I own you. And every inch of ink on you. Is it true what Desi said? That you’re an evil man.