The catalogue SkyMall is filing for bankruptcy
apparently they are having issues with increased of electronic devices on flights people are
no longer looking through the catalogue they’re no longer buying all the unnecessary items
that they have listed in the catalogue and so they are in a lot of trouble as a result
of that in fact reason that they site with the increased use of electronic devices on
planes fewer people browed the SkyMall in-flight catalogue now the SkyMall business had revenue
the SkyMail business had revenue of about $33.7 million which is freakin’ amazing in
2013, but only 15.8 million for the nine months ended September 28, 2014 I can’t believe that
SkyMall successfully managed to brin gin $33.7 million because their items are insane I go
through SkyMall just to laugh at it I think that is literally a crazy thing to say I do
not understand that graphic let me explain so it’s SkyMall so that ape head that you’re
seeing that’s what they sell they have this crazy ape statue you can put in your backyard
that’s so scary you’ve got kids there it is that’s the shit they sold on SkyMall a Bigfoot
Yeto garden sculpture oh I see OK look at this is my wallet it’s got the money in the
back it fits like 6 credit cards and it got a little money clip and I monogrammed it with
my favorite year SkyMall use it every day you’re that guy it’s a good thing you bought
it before they went under I in pewter I had a big decision whether to go with pewter or
gunmetal gray it was 37 dollars there’s a lot of good stuff in SkyMall especially if
you have a pet literally 20 pages of SkyMall is things to do with your dog wait let’s go
back Alfred Lloyd’s Album I don’t know who that is that’s my cousin actually and who’s
Carol we gotta go back to the yeti thing real quick let’s go back to the yeti these aren’t
in SkyMall no they are they’re all in SkyMall I love the ratings 33 reviews 4.5 stars for
the yeti that’s kind of amazing it’s only $100 and he literally has big feet that’s
funny tons of audio books all kinds of cool travel things these badass vests where you
can put your go back go back the soup Nazi photo yeah why would anyone want that for
$200 go to the next wrist cell phone carrier why don’t we have anything in SkyMall this
is a little bit I’ve never seen any of these tap water bottle come on didn’t deserve to
be bankrupt who puts that in their house I believe that the tap water bottle where did
you get these things do you have a copy of SkyMall no it was in an article it was a list
of all the crazy bullshit bullshit bullshit I’ve seen these Ben I’ve seen them Alfred
Lloyd’s album I don’t know about that one I’ve seen the bigfoot I’ve seen the dinosaur
I’ve seen this one that’s cool yeah I actually kind of life that that’s amazing you’re the
oldest person I know that would be so good oh no not the beer dispenser with this are
you telling me that now when I get on a plane I’m going to have to read a book oh my gosh
only one review and it got one star now look look that seems like something from SkyMall
the solar battery powered cooling hat that got SkyMall written all over it all right
so this goes to the power of monopolies they had a monopoly on people’s time when they
were on the plane they had nowhere to go and most people I hate to break it to you don’t
bring a book OK and they get up on the plane and they’re like what I guess let me flip
through this oh yeah cool yeti yeah I’ll buy that yeah it ws a captive audience it was
a captive audience and now when you broke that monopoly you allowed them to see the
rest of the world through their phones and their other devices they’re like who the fuck
would want a bigfoot in their back yard I’m looking right now at the online part you’re
into it do you work for them did you invest in them every time I’m in SkyMall I flip down
the pages and I put it in my briefcase and there’s six things I want I never buy the
the funny part every time I see I take my gum out rip out a page and do it in there
that is disrespectful look at that thing for your passport you’re just going to let your
passport flop all over the place no you put it in a little cute leather case no chicks
dig that I got bad news for you Ben