Do we really have to carry on like this? No, I don’t think so! If you’re studying with LearnAmo, you can’t speak this way… our reputation is at stake! Thus, now, we are about to launch the opening and after that we are going to give you some alternatives, the very (molto) boring… I mean the monotonous and redundant word “molto” (very). Ok, let’s move, we have a lot of things to do! Yeah, let’s hurry up! For example, a very common thing that our students say very often during our lessons on Skype is: oggi in fa MOLTO caldo nella mia città, ci sono 37 gradi!” (Today it’s very hot, it’s 37 °C degrees!” or “Mamma mia! Oggi fa MOLTO freddo qui!” (My goodness! Today it’s very cold here!) Ok we don’t want to hear these things anymore! Here are the alternatives: “very hot”=”torrid/scorching”, “very cold”=”freezing/icy/glacial” “It’s freezing where I’m from!” Instead, at my place it’s torrid!” Well, what do you think? Now, let’s enter speed mode! “Hi Graziana, how are you? I’m VERY WELL, what about you? I feel GREAT! “That’s awesome! Even if I’m VERY TIRED today; I’ve worked too hard. Don’t mention it! And I am also EXHAUSTED! This life is going to kill me!” “Anyway, do you know you’re VERY HANDSOME? Oh, no! You’re making me blush! Anyway do you know you LOOK LOVELY? Thank you!” “In any case, did you know I became VERY POOR? Oh no! Really? How did you become DESTITUTE? Well… you know, lately the sales on my e-shop LearnAmo Collection, link in description, were VERY BAD! I understand, even my sales were TERRIBLE! But, I’ll tell you this: in a VERY FAR future we are going to be VERY RICH! Ah, do you mean that in a DISTANT FUTURE, we are going to be WEALTHY and WELL-OFF people? After all, we are VERY SMART guys, aren’t we? Of course we are BRILLIANT guys! Can’t you tell? Anyway, I’m VERY HAPPY! Why are you JUBILANT? Because I think it is a VERY CLEAR and USEFUL lesson! I agree with you! I think it is FLAWLESS and PRACTICAL lesson”. “Ok, you know what? I’m VERY HUNGRY, ‘ll’ll go eating, because I know there’s a VERY GOOD pasta dish waiting for me! Me too, I’m RAVENOUS! DELICIOUS pizza, see you later! Ehi, are you still here? You’re VERY SLOW! Eh, I know I’m PHLEGMATIC! The dialogue between Graziana and me is over, but there’s an extra for you! Here’s a list full of alternatives that will help you to write and read properly: “very ugly”=”disgusting” or “horrible”, “very precise”=”accurate”, “very right”=”indisputable”, “very angry”=”infuriated/ raged out/ mad”, “very easy”=”basic/ elementary”, “very boring”=”monotonous/ tedious”, “very bright”=””blinding”, “very dirty”=”sleazy”, “very worried”=”anxious”, “very fast”=”rapid”, “very delicate”=”fragile”, “very loyal”=”devoted”, “very famous”=”renowned”, “very aggressive”=”fierce”, “very frustrating”=”infuriating”, “very full”=”heaped”, “very funny”=”hilarious”, “very interesting”=”fascinating”, “very lively”=”exuberant”, “very noisy”=”deafening”, “very new”=”innovative”, “very old”=”decrepit”, “very painful”=”heartbreaking”, “very shy”=”introverted”, “very small”=”tiny”, “very strange”=”bizarre/weird” Golly there are so many alternatives! Since we noticed you enjoy this kind of lesson, we remind you that Rocco and I made other videos about alternatives! Like, for example: “the alternatives to COME STAI? BENE (how are you? I’m fine), the alternatives to ARRABBIATO (angry)” the alternatives to COSA? (what?)”, “the alternatives to… I can’t remember… and the alternatives to PENSO CHE (I think)” You can find all the links in description! They’re all fascinating and unmissable, so don’t miss them! Before you go,, we have a task for you! Can you rewrite this text, by using the alternatives to the word “molto”? Let’s see, in the comment, who’s the best! But be aware that it’s not easy, as you might think, so be very careful! I mean…be wary. Good luck!