Here’s Daddy! Good-bye, Junior. Ä„Adios! Yes, that’s very creative, Junior. He liked me. All this time, he actually liked me. You can’t go in. Your father’s making
a television appearance for his campaign. Dad, I’ve got to talk to you. What the hell are you doing here?
I’m about to go on the air. What is this smoke? Excuse me. Come on, let’s move seats. Okay, then I quit as your son. Do you believe that annoying loser guy? You should have just punched him out. What? Just punched him out?
What do you mean? You boxed. You could’ve
shoved him around, shut him up. -I could take you.
-Careful. -That’s who I could take.
-You could’ve kicked him in the face. Kicked him in the face? You know how to fight dirty.
You do that for a living. Real cute, Leigh. -Let’s sit outside.
-How much do I owe you? -It’s taken care of.
-Taken care of? Who? There. Girls, come on, let’s sit inside.
Yeah, let’s sit inside.