From what we can tell, Kim has men all over the area. You’ll need to cover some ground to get the station itself. My god… they aren’t fooling around. It looks like they’ve rigged the subwaytunnels under the station
with bombs. You’ll need to disarm them all before going eavesdropping
on that phone call. Good work… that file has a complete schematic for the bombs. Take a look at it before you touch anything
so you know what you’re working with. Good job. That’s the first bomb taken care of. I’m betting the second bomb is somewhere around these turbines… find it and disarm it. Good work… that’s two bombs down. Good work you two. That’s all of the bombs. Now hurry up and get up into the station.
We need to find out what Kim is up to. Good. Chu will be receiving a call from the payphone
in the center of the station. You need to bug that phone without being detected,
or Chu will panic and we’re finished. Dont’t get detected.