St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney Frank Ledbetter-When filing a bankruptcy like Chapter 13, or Chapter
7 there are some important to dos! For FREE bankruptcy lawyer consultation call 314-925-0239 Hi, I’m St. Louis bankruptcy attorney Frank
Ledbetter. I’ve been a St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer since 2003. Believe me, I know filing bankruptcy is a
terrifying time for people, but here are a few bankruptcy do’s to help you in this trying
period. The most important thing to do when filing bankruptcy is to be completely truthful
in what you tell your attorney, in the information you disclose in your bankruptcy schedules
and statements, and in the answers you provide to the bankruptcy trustee. The documents a
client files are filed under penalty of perjury. It is a crime to knowingly put false information
on bankruptcy documents which are filed with the court and/or to give false testimony during
one’s trustee meeting. Another important “do” is to cooperate completely
with the bankruptcy trustee. In some instances, clients must turn over tax refunds to the
trustee. Failure to cooperate with the trustee with regard to turning over the tax refund
or other failure to cooperate with the trustee in a Chapter 7 case may result in the revocation
of the client’s discharge, which means the client would still owe any debts the client
owed prior to the filing of their case and that the client would never be able to discharge
those debts in the future. If you live in Missouri… like Jefferson
County, Franklin County, St. Charles County, or anywhere near St. Louis and are considering
filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, I want you to have my FREE SPECIAL REPORT
at no charge. It reveals tips and strategies good people who’ve suffered through tough
times can use to turn things around. Just visit to
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