Hi, my name is Frank Ledbetter and I am a
bankruptcy attorney or, if you prefer, a bankruptcy lawyer specializing in Chapter 7, Chapter
13, and debt relief primarily in the St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas. A question my clients often have is, “Will
I Still Be Able to Get Credit After Bankruptcy?” Declaring bankruptcy will often result in
improved credit scores as early as one year after discharge, which will often increase
your chances of obtaining credit help in the future. With regard to a mortgage loan, you
will usually have to wait two years after obtaining a bankruptcy discharge before obtaining
a mortgage loan. If your income is good, you may be able to get a vehicle loan immediately
after obtaining the discharge in a bankruptcy case. People have often told me they get credit
card offers in the mail even prior to obtaining their bankruptcy discharge. As a bankruptcy
attorney, though, I caution my clients to be careful about debt they incur after the
filing of the bankruptcy case because it will not be dischargeable in a new bankruptcy case
for several years. If you are in Jefferson County, Franklin County,
St. Charles County, or anywhere near St. Louis and considering filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter
13 bankruptcy, I want you to have my FREE SPECIAL REPORT titled “Why Bankruptcy Laws
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