Life is hard, very hard for some people. It’s
very easy to get into debt. It’s a lot harder to get out of it. But,
there are solutions and if you go to the right place, you can get the right answers and here is where you can get them. People who work here, they’re here because they want to help people. We’re not profit-making or fee charging. We believe if you’ve got problems with your
finances then the last thing you want is another
potential bill. We’re all passionate about wanting
to help people. That’s what gels us all together. We’re not a call centre. We’ve all got the same mission. To help these people on this journey to be debt free. It’s quite amazing really. It definitely gives you a sense perspective. In some cases you’ve changed people’s lives. That’s a privilege. Really there’s not
many jobs where you can say that. You want people to wake up in the morning
and say “Fantastic! I’ve got my life back!” Knowing the relief and the tensions have
all gone. Suddenly they’re saying “thank you”, I
can sleep at night and things like that. There’s always a solution. To come to work and help people and then go home knowing you made a
difference. It’s indescribable. If you have the right support, the right
solutions… …it’s never too late. And you can get through it.