let’s not stephen baldwin he’s done a great uh… huh but that that was once said he does more
than two point three billion dollars and he claims that his
idea of property is only valid at one point one million dollars so that well but i’m sure uh… quest
for kristallnacht yes countries into a lot of praying nandan somehow money will magically
appear let some homeless standing on his
property no but if that be that was to scrap for that dot surprise me yet because i think skydiving kristin you know this because you know if you
actually a referral christian you know you believed do onto the lisa view of
something or other on the question but you know what i’m talking about circumstances so there yes as i don’t know if you live in
my house that or but my long or wherever it’s kind of crazy i wouldn’t do it but
then yeah i dont harvard yard and i mean it makes me
think is a little genuine which i wasn’t the best thing for right and again later got arrested for him of course it perfect but but i think that it happens it happens
it lisa star was the right place uh… although apparently is what is not because he’s not interested in it i don’t know it might be a jerk for kind
of thinking this is funny is this is somebody wing freak slash you know christian right guys and i don’t like him and he’s kind of
weird and not that’s right teacher different funny near but you know my inner live is making me
think you know what i prolly feel bad in reality yet feel bad for him yet exhibit but let me goes sorry catholic who gets into that situation
might have you end up only two point three in dollars and sense he’s he was richer
whatever it lives in that lifestyle and it’s all in a man having kids who were
three billion dollars in iraq darren nobody ever give me two point
three billion dollars two point three million dollars saloons but his lessons always so insults you
know as we’ve done in every star michael jackson when he died strat if you’re with some of the advent of
although it milieu conveys asylum wasn’t even i tell you that will
work they are here not too much about the bombing but that
is that you and he n alley talk i_d_ here yet it into form what i read once you know it’s like a lot of people we
have to disagree four brothers which makes me you know like the the christian right for you guys
even though alone more concerned about forty so i’m glad that i like your allies have
a year that we are writing a book through the