How To Deal With Debt Collectors Telephone Calls – if you have credit card debt you cannot
afford to pay debt collectors will eventually call threatening a
lawsuit they need you to admit that the debt is yours because they have a lot of trouble documenting credit card debt. (Remember this to stop them harassing you!) You need to DENY the debt and dispute it Doing that is not a reflection on your character is simply a legal strategy to force them to prove you owe the debt. You can read my blog for citations from the New York Times and other leading publications about why banks and junk debt buyers to document credit card debt in court what has sold over the telephone with
goodbye debt collectors means nothing Debt collectors telephone call means… (When they call they show their weakness) The telephone is a means for the debt collector to tell scary lies to con you into admitting to a credit card debt and to paying it even though you cannot afford to pay it. What is said over the telephone means nothing. What is said in writing by you and sent certified mail return receipt (CMRR) to the debt collector means everything this written communication is in the form of a dead validation
letter But, I quickly add many so-called experts do not understand the true purpose of
the depth elevation that simply stated that purposes not to get the creditor to validate the debt, but it is to serve notice on the creditor that they know know exactly what proof of that debt you
hold on me and exactly what proof of the debt you will demand should they make the mistake of suing you in court. Through my own personal experience of successfully surviving sixty three thousand dollars in credit card debt i could not afford to pay , I learned what to demand in a very effective date validation
letter i developed they need to provide us with full
documentation of the allegedamount owed, of the alleged contract, and of the ownership of the debt in the case of a junk debt buyer alt its need to be supported by a sworn
signed affidavit from an employee of the creditor who has personal knowledge of that credit card debt. You can read my Credit Card Debt Survival Guide for full details the access to my debt validation letter in PDF format for easy copying and customizing to your debts Good Luck & Checkout My Website Now