( POSITIVE IMAGING BY NORMAN VINCENT PEALE) There is Always an Answer Imaging isn’t some kind of Aladdin’s lamp
that you can rub and have a genie appear and bring you instant riches. It could do a lot of good for you. From what you say, debt is a way of life with
you. But obviously it’s not a way of life that
makes you happy. If you would picture yourself debt free with
intensity and sincerity, if you would visualize vividly happiness and
peace of mind that solvency would bring you, if you would really make that your aim and
give it top priority, you’d move towards that goal and finally achieve it. Some people have a wrong notion that money
is evil. To one such person I said,
“Stop seeing yourself as the helpless victim of an imaginary villain called money. If you personalize money so vehemently and
hate it so intensely, you certainly won’t ever attract it,
because your unconscious mind will be programmed to repel and reject it.” I told her to “Calm down. Be objective. Stop all this hate business.” In solving life’s problem, imaging is only
one of the many techniques. Here are hal a dozen simple suggestions that
seem to be effective. 1 Don’t panic. If you find anxiety building up, start imaging
peace of mind. The simple act of praying creates an image
of your problems being brought to the source of of all wisdom,
and that is tremendously reassuring and comforting. Say that
“I fear no evil: for thou art with me.” Repeat these words whenever you feel anxiety
is returning. 2 Get organized. Make a complete list of all your debts and
essential expenses. Add up all sources of income and see what
you can count on. Visualize yourself living within your income
with a fraction left over for debt reduction. Paint that image vividly in mind. 3 Be disciplined. Avoid the demon of instant gratification. The demon is happiest when you don’t know
the true state of your finances, because then he knows you are less likely to apply the
brakes. 4 Think. Forget the Past. Think of the Future: Too much of post-mortems can lead to gloomy
future predictions. Take stock of positive things and image a
positive future with those. Opportunities for money making surround us
all the time, it just takes an inquisitive, lively mind, one that expects good things
to happen in the future. Some of the assets we totally miss out are,
Our own good health. A loving and understanding spouse. Healthy family members. Supportive larger family. When I was depressed over inability to pay
bills at some stage in life, and asked my wife what we should do. She said
“we are going to start tithing.” I said it was impossible with our finances. She reminded me of the saying in the Bible
of God’s promise to those who give 10 % of their income. Tithing is an act of faith which calms fears
and stimulates mind to do something positive to be able to earn more. I realized that I had a small talent of public
speaking, and I capitalized on that starting with whatever small opportunities I got. There is an invisible reservoir of abundance
in the universe that can be tapped if you will just obey certain spiritual laws. Tithing even when in financial difficulty
does just that. Key Things to Deal with Financial Difficulties, 1 Don’t panic. Fear blocks creativity. Try to be calm, objective, logical, and hopeful. 2 Get organized. Balance your budget by reducing expenses. 3 Be disciplined. Avoid credit card spending until you are debt
free. 4 Think new ideas. Money problems can become assets if it forces
you into creative thinking. You may strike a vein of gold. 5 Give all you can. It puts you in the stream of abundance
in the universe.